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How To Overcome Epson Error Code 0x9a – Quick Guide

Hey! Are you having trouble with your Epson printer? If yes, is it an Epson error code 0x9a? Be relaxed, there is nothing serious in it.

It is just a very common problem that screening on your printer. As you are here you will get the best and smart solutions for how to overcome the Epson error code 0x9a.

Also, we would like to thank you for always trusting us and showing your concern in us. We really get very enthusiastic to provide you more effective steps as of your faith and love.

Why Epson Error 0x9a Occur?

Before sharing steps to fix printer error code 0x9a we would like to discuss why this screening on your printer. What are the reasons causing this error?

Are you curious to know about it? Just have a look below!

So basically, the 0x9a error on Epson is occurring because of some common internal issues, nothing else.

Some valid reasons that can be a cause of 0x9a error are mentioned in the below mentioned points:

  • Jammed paper
  • Belt damage
  • Broken printhead
  • Not updated
  • Driver issue

Can You Resolve 0x9a Error On Epson Yourself?

If you have decided to overcome the printer error code on your own then you will be happy to know that luckily you can very easily resolve this error on your own.

But only if you want. If you don’t want then nothing is possible. Everything is possible only when you are willing to do that work.

This article would be going to help you a lot in resolving the 0x9a Epson printer error. You just have to follow the steps stated in this article and after that, you will soon get free from the 0x9a Epson error code.

Is it true that you are prepared to fix this error on your own? Completely sure? Great, then simply just have a look at the points…

Here Are The Solutions To Fix 0x9a Error

Without wasting more time now we will share some simple and smart steps that will definitely take you out of the issue you are tackling.

1. Turn Off The Printer Immediately

Dear users, whenever you see error 0x9a on your printer immediately switch it off and also remove the wire too. Remember do not remove the wires before turning off the printer.

2. Remove The Cover

As this error simply indicates internal issues and to fix them you have to remove the printer cover so that you can easily examine the issue.

3. Look For Jammed Paper

So after that kindly open the printer and carefully look for jammed paper or scrap inside the Epson printer. If you will find any of the scrap or jammed paper then grab it out. Make sure to grab out the jammed paper very carefully so that it doesn’t harm your printer.

4. Look For Internal Debris

Carefully look if there is anything destroyed inside the printer. Examine the belt, printhead, ink cartridge, driver, make sure they are not destroyed. If any of them will be damaged then kindly replace them with the new one.

5. Clean The Printer

The very important step is to clean the printer. To clean it you have to take a clean and light cloth, dip it into the water and squeeze it properly, and clean the printer from inside carefully and wait to let it try.

After it gets dry close the printer and plug in the printer wire and turn on your Epson printer.


We hope this article will be helpful to you and you will be free from the 0x9a error. Now, you can easily enjoy getting access to your printer.

Thank you for giving us your time. For more information feel free to visit our website right now!

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