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Top 4 Stunning Instagram Facts You Need to Know!

Instagram Will Never Be the Same After You Read This

When one traces back the steps taken in the development of information and communication technology, one can see that the emergence of social media platforms played a vital role in the past 20 years.

Social media platforms have become so versatile that almost every individual is an account holder in one or the other platform, and with the upgradations in mobile phones, its influence has become more widespread.

One example of these social media platform is the INSTAGRAM being released in the year 2010.

The app was primarily known for its retro filters which are provided to its users when it didn’t even have an android app but was available only on iOS.

Also though initially being launched on the iOS platform only, social media was able to attract 10 million users in a year from its launch date. Can you believe that?

With being bought by Facebook for $ 1 billion in cash and stock in the year 2012, Instagram is currently valued at more than $ 100 billion, according to Bloomberg.

Today having more than a billion monthly active users’ Instagram has become the go-to app for users who prefer using visual art to communicate to others on mobile phones.

Top 4 Amazing Facts of Instagram

Without further ado, let’s jump into the top 5 interesting facts about Instagram.

1. Easy Money

One might think what makes an app that displays photos and videos make it so successful?

The answer to this question is simply the fact that Instagram is able to provide better revenue than any other social media platform.

The revenue one earns depends upon the number of followers one has and the engagement rate of these followers. People having 100,000 followers one can charge brands around $2700 per post.

On the top is Kylie Jenner, which I guess everyone knows her, makes an average of $1 million per sponsored post.

2. Use of Hashtags

One must know nowadays that # (hashtags) is used in almost every post be it for entertainment purpose or for raising awareness using social media. These hashtags result in better engagement. As well as hashtags, Instagram has lots of bots to beef up people’s profiles, see here:

Movements can spread fast by using # in social media.

The most used and famous hashtag used on Instagram is #love.

Instagram breaking the Snapchat market dominance- snapchat had a significant market dominance until early 2016 but later had a massive drop in its dominance after the release of Instagram stories.

Reports say snapchat saw its significant reduction when Instagram stories launched dethroning snapchat from being in the top 3 in 2016.

Snapchat loses an average of 1.5 % of its users daily, which is approximately 3 million users a day to Instagram.

3. The Number of Photos Uploaded

Since Instagram is a platform used to communicate using picture and videos (which you can download using special tools), it is expected that a large number of photos must be uploaded daily.

Around 95 million photos are going up each day on Instagram, and a total of 40 billion photos have been shared on Instagram. Now that’s a large number of photos.

4. Celebrities and Top Brands

Many top celebrities and famous brands have an account on Instagram. Celebrities from Cristiano Ronaldo to Dwayne Johnson, everyone has an account on Instagram.

Top brands from Gucci to Lego’s each have an account on Instagram.

So, don’t be shy and follow them if you want to.

One interesting fact about this is that many of these celebrity’s private information was leaked on the dark web as a result of a bug in the Instagram developer tool, and this information was sold online.


These are the few of the many interesting facts about Instagram. What do you think of Instagram now?

I bet these were few of the many facts that you didn’t know about.

From posting a single egg photo to surpass the most liked picture on Instagram, this form of media can be used for many other purposes varying from entertainment to increase the awareness in the public.

Instagram is just one of the many different social media platforms that became famous and helps the audience connect with others.

These social media platforms have become an indispensable part of an individual’s life. The need to connect with others have skyrocketed which have led to the need for these social media platforms.

With more than 500 million logs in daily, the need for continuous entertainment is needed. Thus, daily new features are released, offering the audience much more variety.

People enjoy communicating through these Media, which results in heavy competition. The capitalist movement gave rise to many forms of marketing strategy which have social media in its center.

Thus, enhancing the advantages, one can receive from them. It depends upon the individual whether to connect with others or not.

The need for social media isn’t required anymore. It is here already.

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