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How to Fix Rand McNally Dock Not Working

Mostly everyone nowadays is going to require a GPS system from going from one place to another when the destination is unknown. Some of the best GPS systems that you can find today is the Rand McNally.

When we speak the name of Rand McNally, it is among the most respected GPS companies out there. There are various other companies too that will provide you with the GPS services but none of them would be like the Rand McNally. But why is that so?

Well, this is because the Rand McNally will offer the features that some of the GPS devices just won’t. This device is loaded with features, unlike any other device. So, if you want to make sure that your device runs properly in the future as well, you need to be careful and follow the process of Rand McNally GPS update.

This update is going to make sure that your device is working without any inconsistencies. Sometimes the update is not going to work or install which might be another issue as well. In order to update the device, you need to have the software that goes by the name of Rand McNally dock.

This software is going to assist you when you will be going to update it. The dock is the medium through which the updates will be installed in your system. This allows the dock for the proper use. But there could be some issues with the dock as well where Rand McNally Dock is not Working.

When you are facing such an issue, it is also going to affect the GPS as well as the map updates.

There are some steps that you can follow and make sure that you are relieved of this issue. Today, here we are going to discuss the steps through which we will be able to resolve the issue of Rand McNally dock is not working.

We are also going to discuss the steps through which, you will be able to install all the updates.

But let us first discuss the real issues behind the Rand McNally software not Working:

There are various reasons why you must be facing this issue. Among the most common reason could be having the Malware or there could be some software that is not properly installed in your system.

Here are some of the causes behind this issue:

Window error:

This is among the most common reasons that could create an issue while you are installing the Rand McNally dock software. This is going to happen when an unexpected error will take place and it fails.

In these cases, there are possibilities that you will be going to face this issue.


One of the other major reasons for the Rand McNally dock not working is the issue of the virus attack. There might be a possibility where your system is affected by the Virus, Trojan, Malware, etc. So you need to remove it with the help of Trojan remover, or with the help of other anti-virus softwares. Sometimes, the software as well will not be able to run on your system. o

This is what will affect the software not to work.

PC or laptop Freezing issue:

When the computer hangs or freezes, the whole program will stop or cease to perform. If in those cases, the Rand McNally Dock is not working on your system, then it is going to lead to this issue.

DLL Damage:

When you are constantly installing and uninstalling the software, then you might face the issue where the software is not working due to DLL damage.

These were some of the reasons. Now let us discuss the steps to resolve the issue of Rand McNally dock not working:

When you are going to fix the issue, this is very recommended that you need to download the Rand McNally dock repair tool.

  • You need to install the software in your system the moment it is downloaded in your system.
  • Take the Rand Mcnally device out of your vehicle and plug it in your system. Make sure that it is now properly attached to your PC or a laptop through the USB.
  • After that, make sure that you are starting the software in your system and waiting.
  • In some time, you are going to notice that the soft is going to detect the Rand McNally issues.
  • When the process is completed, you can choose to close the software and then start it one more time.
  • As it has optimized your system, you are going to notice that it will not only work properly but it will also enhance the system.
  • This is also going to make sure that your system will work smoothly and will also run faster than before.

In conclusion:

This is going to resolve the issue of Rand McNally dock not working. It is very much recommended that you must perform this repair in order to resolve the issue of Rand McNally dock.

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