Stuck With the Common Amazon Echo Problems – Step-by-Step Guide to Fix Them

Amazon Alexa technical support troubleshoots all issues in a short time period that makes the user experience better and smooth.

We provide a genuine step by step guide to enhance the Alexa skills for you. Our Amazon echo troubleshooting expert can offer you a lifetime experience for the best technical advice.

Here are some of the Common Amazon Echo Problems and solution to resolve them

1. Alexa Not Responding

Alexa not responding is a common issue some people are facing; you say your device’s wake-up word but Alexa didn’t give any response.

So before begin Amazon echo troubleshooting make sure your device has power and internet access as the unplugged echo or internet failure might be the real issue.

If you see a strong red light ring or bar rather than a strong blue one, the microphone is turned off. Press the microphone catch over the gadget to turn it on once more.

Or if you have more than one Alexa devices then the wrong one might hear and respond to the wake-up word.

You can check your Alexa app to make sure all devices are connected properly with a single Amazon account.

And if your child has a separate account then they might not work together appropriately.

If the wrong device still responds then you should change the wake up word for one of the echo devices.

2. Alexa Doesn’t Understand Me

It is more frustrating when listen “I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question” Alexa’s more uttered phrase.

When Alexa knows you suitably then recognition of your voice naturally improves, in any case, there are approaches to abstain from rehashing yourself.

You can improve it by having the voice training tool. Head to settings > Voice training in the Alexa app and then you will ask to speak 25 pre-selected phrases to help Alexa learn your vocabulary.

Then next, check what exactly Alexa heard. Alexa keeps a note of all your questions or requests so that you can check what exactly Alexa heard; you can check it from history. Lastly, check your position.

Alexa also monitors microwaves or baby monitors that causing interference that’s why the company also advice to keep Echo at least 8-inches away from a wall.

If still facing issues then you can contact our Amazon Echo Troubleshooting experts to resolve the issues you are facing.

3. Steaming Issues on Alexa Devices

The most common issue everyone facing that Alexa won’t play music.

For the reason that Alexa won’t play music is fragmentary internet service or low available bandwidth. There are following Amazon echo troubleshooting that can help you resolve issues as:

  • You can turn off all unused devices that are also connected to WiFi.
  • Make sure the Echo closer to the wireless router and away from walls, metal objects or other possible sources of intercession.
  • Turn off the router and modem.
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds.
  • Restart the modem and router.
  • Then turn the Alexa device off then turn back it on.

Or other potential culprits include your internet speeds and any firewall you have on your network. You can contact us if need any further help.

4. Alexa Disconnects from WiFi

Sometime you see that your Echo device is not connecting to the WiFi network at all. Amazon Echo troubleshooting this issue as provide in Alexa settings.

Having fragmentary connectivity or having non-existent WiFi connectivity with your Amazon Echo, here is some advice you should try.

First, reboot your router and turn the Echo off and on again this tip will fix almost all the Common Amazon Echo Problems.

If nothing is happening and everything else on the network is working well then you have to make sure that you keep your Echo device away from devices that may be interfering with the signal.

You can do one thing that reduces the congestion on your WiFi network by removing unused devices from the network.

Here is step by step instruction you should follow:

  • Go to the settings and select WiFi.
  • Enter the correct network password. Keep in mind this is not the exact as your Amazon password.
  • Turn off the router and modem.
  • Wait for at least 30 seconds.
  • Restart the modem and router.
  • Then turn the Alexa device off then turn back it on.
  • Check for updates for your router or modem firmware.

And if still facing the issue then our expert Amazon echo troubleshooting will help you resolve issue, you can contact us anytime you need help we are available 24/7 hours for your help.

5. Trouble with Alexa Calling

Nowdays, Alexa echo devices can take place of a phone; it is a very exciting feature for today’s users.

And if calling on Alexa is not working appropriately and/or you have made sure that you have a strong WiFi connection then you should try some Amazon echo troubleshooting steps that help you rectify the issues.

There are a few steps that you should follow to solve Alexa calling issues:

  • Block unwanted calls on Amazon, first open the Alexa app and go to your contact list to activate the blocking features.
  • Select the person you want to block. Then tap new “block contact” button next to that person’s name and then you will no longer receive their calls.
  • Amazon Alexa calling not working as Echo uses WiFi network of your device to make calls and required a strong connection. Any problem with your network can affect the quality of the call.
  • Restarting the device, internet modem and router will solve most disconnected problems.
  • Added new contact, if you’ve recently added a contact Alexa might not have updated it to your Alexa contact.
  • Close and reopen the Alexa app, open the conversations tab and check for the contact you are trying to call.

If you see contact is listed, make sure the contact number of that person is complete and correct. And if still issue is not resolved then sign out from the app and then sign in back. And then try making a call.

Hope this Guide on Common Amazon Echo Problems will help you to fix a lot of problems. If you still get any error or unable to fix it then free free to call the experts to solve the issue.

Till than take care!

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