How to Resolve The Alexa Yellow Ring Issue

If you have purchased Amazon Echo, then you must have seen various kinds of lights on the device. These various lights are going to depict various kinds of things that are going on with the device.

Among that one of those lights is the Alexa yellow ring. There are going to be many people who might not know what is the meaning of this light.

Well, this light has proven to irritate many people out there and it is a very big deal as well. The Alexa Flashing yellow means that there is a notification that is still unattended.

There is no one who must know about this feature because it has not been told officially of this feature. This feature just switches itself on.

So if you have had a surprise and you are to surprise anyone, then it can be ruined by this feature. This is one of the coolest as well as one of the most intuitive gadgets that are available around in the present times.

This yellow light is among the most common issue and which is why it needs immediate attention.

Have you just finished setting up your Amazon Echo, and then out of nowhere you realize that there is a yellow light flashing? Well, not to worry before you really know what that ring actually denotes.

Well, Echo or Echo dot uses these lights in order to tell that there be a notification alert or any different issue. There are many colors that are flashed in the Echo device such as blue, red, green, orange, and Alexa Yellow ring.

The Echo has this mini light ring on the top, that indicates the light if the device wants to convey anything to the user.

These lights also convey a message when there is anything wrong with the device or if there is an error that the device is facing.

Now let us try to figure out whether what is Alexa Yellow ring tries to denote? Is there something wrong with your device? Is your device heating up more than usual? Or is it something that you do not have to worry about?

Cause of Alexa Yellow Ring

The main cause for the yellow light flashing in an Echo is because there is an unchecked message or a notification. The notification of the message has been pending and is flashing which is in your inbox.

The yellow light is going to flash until you have checked the message or the notification. In order to overcome this issue, you need to see whether there is any unchecked message in your Alexa app, from where you can easily send or receive the message as well as the Emails.

The messages are only sent with the user’s permission which is always in your knowledge. But how are you going to know if there is a new message in your inbox? This is where Alexa yellow ring comes to use to notify you that there is a message pending in your Inbox.

If you think that it is not solving the issue for you and you need to have some guidance on how to check the messages in your Alexa app or anything else, then you can get assistance from our tech experts who are always here to help you out.

Our main goal is to provide quality service and resolve all your Alexa related issues. Get in touch with Alexa customer service today in order to resolve the issue as fast as possible.

The yellow light will continue to flash unless and until you have checked and read the message. It’s a simple job to check the messages in the Alexa app.

But even after checking the messages you are unable to resolve the issue and the yellow light is still flashing. Then you must follow these simple troubleshooting steps in order to fix the issue:

Check the network connectivity

It might be the case that you might be having an internet issue or a connectivity issue. This is one of the factors that can result in the Alexa yellow Ring, that will be flashing slowly.

Check how far the Echo device is placed from the router to eliminate the internet connectivity issue. The must not be very far from each other. Also, the Echo must be place on a table or somewhere high in the home.

Restart your Router

You never know that this basic troubleshooting step can be a miracle sometimes. Some, the connections overburdened with various downloads that can result in this issue.

So make sure you start your router in order to resolve this issue. Are you still seeing the Alexa flying Yellow? Then get in contact with the official Amazon experts.

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