Your Best Android Phone Should Have These Unique Features

The greatest appeal of Android phones is that they are truly versatile and very accessible and are available in large numbers with amazing features.

They are attractive, incredible, simple to use. In the market, you will come across various brands like Samsung, LG, One Plus, etc. that are manufacturing a variety of phones.

Unique Features to look for in your best android phone

Here are the things you must consider when you’re looking for an android phone:

1. Carrier

There are many carriers that offer their amazing services on Android phones. Choosing the right carrier is as important as choosing the smartphone.

If you Don’t have a good carrier then, your smartphone won’t anyways work properly. So before buying a phone, just ensure that your carrier is fixed and it is providing you with all the required features.

You can likewise get some information about time for testing when you purchase a phone. Check out some Factors to Consider While Buying a Smartphone.

2. Design

As already told, android phones are manufactured by many brands therefore, you will come across a variety of designs to choose from.

Elements like the screen size, screen resolution, keyboard style, color are things that will help you in differentiating one phone from another. Most phones are full touchscreen these days but still, you will come across phones that have QWERTY keyboards.

Big screen size means a huge phone, but it matches much of the capabilities of a tablet. You will find phones with screen sizes up to around six inches in length. Though this size can be tough to fit in the pocket, it gives a great viewing experience.

Screen resolution without any doubt is more important. It refers to both the number and density of pixels on the screen. In general, the higher the resolution is, the crisper and clearer the image will be. Most of the best android phone is 750×1334 or greater, which is enough for a high-definition (HD) display.

3. Camera

One of the biggest features for making the phones differ in their cameras. The camera is very essential. The first feature that anyone checks are the camera and its megapixels.

Nowadays there are 3 to 4 cameras at the back with one to two front cameras. These cameras and their pixels guarantee to capture, beautiful, HD photos just like a DSLR.

Phones also come with editing tools, portrait mode, wide-angle lens, and zoom lens. They have actually replaced the use of cameras in some people’s lives.

4. Software

An Open source can be both a blessing and even a curse. On one hand, differences between manufacturer, carrier, and OS can make android inconsistent and fussy.

The android schedule can be confusing for many, so the open-source lets the developer easily target the bugs and fix the issues and add new features.

So, every time you update, you get a new version.

5. Alternate Keyboards

Android phones support multiple keyboards which makes them easier to introduce; the SwiftKey, Skype, and 8pen applications every single offer approach to rapidly switch up your keyboard style.

In the iOS system, you won’t come across many types of keyboards. They just have one type of keyboard with language alternatives obviously.

6. Infrared Transmission

The Android operating system bolsters an inherent infrared transmitter, permitting you to utilize your smartphone or tablet as a remote control.

7. No-Touch Control

Utilizing Android features, you can control your phone’s hands- free with just gestures. Have dirty hands yet need to kill your screen or change a tune?

Well, now it’s easy! This could demonstrate particularly valuable in case you’re driving, so you can keep the two eyes out and about.

8. Automation

With this feature, you can select when to switch on/off your location and for which app. Choose the apps that you use on a daily basis and the other which you don’t use in those, you can switch off your location services.

You can even use your voice for volume or even direction.

9. Download Wireless Apps

Getting to app stores on any phone can be disappointing, yet iOS makes it somewhat more troublesome—download an application on your PC, and it won’t adjust to your cell phone until you plugin and get to iTunes.

Utilizing the Android Market or outsider alternatives like AppBrain, in the interim, let you download applications on your PC and afterward naturally synchronize them to your phone, no stopping required.

10. Storage and Battery Switch

Android phones likewise have exceptional equipment abilities. Google’s OS makes it conceivable to evacuate and overhaul your battery or to supplant one that never again holds a charge.

Also, the best Android phone accompany SD card openings for expandable capacity.

11. Custom Home Screens

While it’s conceivable to hack certain phones to tweak the home screen, Android accompanies this capacity as it so happens. You can download various home screens online or can customize the one you already have.

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