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It’s hard being physically active in this day and age. With education and job routines becoming ever more strenuous, more and more of our time is spent sitting in the classroom, or in the bed with books or in the office at our workplace.

After a full day worth of work or school, there is always little to no time for some physical activity; sports or gym. You’re always either too tired or by the time you’ve gotten over the hangover from work, the gym is closed.

This is where fitness apps for smartphones make the job a lot easier to stay physically fit. A smartphone is always with you, so there is no excuse for the gym being closed or it is too late to go out and exercise.

Fitness apps are becoming more and more advance each day. Most of them offer comprehensive workout and diet routines and the ability to measure bio-data right from the phone (or through an additional accessory in some cases).

With fitness trackers exploding in popularity, there are a plethora of fitness apps in the Android ecosystem to choose from.

We have narrowed our list down to the 10 best Android fitness apps you can download today and get in shape.

List of 10 best Android fitness apps you need to download to get in shape

1. Instant Heart Rate

Instant Heart Rate is perhaps the simplest and easiest to use the app on this list. This is because it measures only one metric, which as the name implies, is your heart rate. But don’t let its simplicity fool you because instant heart rate is one of the best heart rate measuring apps out there.

You basically place your index finger on the camera lens and wait a few seconds for the app to display the relevant data.

It displays a real-time PPG graph and users can also view their heart rate history. Some of these features are available in the paid version of the app only, but the free version does most things an average user will need.

2. Moves

Moves is another fitness app that is designed to measure your footsteps, which is why it’s called moves.

Where usually you’d require a dedicated accessory such as the Jawbone Up 24 to measure steps, Moves does it all on its own using just your smartphone. It achieves this task by polling the accelerometer in your phone in the background, which sends the app the data it needs to translate it into the number of steps taken.

Moves can differentiate between walking, running and cycling. It has a handy tool to let users visualize where they moved on a map and how much they moved on a timeline. The app has a beautiful looking interface which makes using it easy and fun.

3. RunKeeper

RunKeeper is one of the most popular Android fitness apps, and it also has an iOS variant. It has built its reputation by offering a comprehensive feature set to get you into shape.

RunKeeper, as its name implies, specializes in measuring footsteps. With RunKeeper you can measure your running pace, cycling speed, route distance, elevation, and calories burnt.

The app offers pre-set plans for amateurs to get started with their fitness routine. There’s also a handy widget which lets users track their data right from the home screen. RunKeeper integrates with all the popular fitness accessories such as the Fitbit.

4. Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo Sports Tracker doesn’t really offer anything exclusive over other fitness apps. But where it excels is through its vast network of users. Over 25 million people are signed up with Endomondo, and chances are you’ll know someone who uses it as well.

This social aspect of the app makes it great from a competitive point of view, or just to get a glimpse of where other people have progressed compared to you. You can even send real-time audio feedback to friends.

Endomondo specializes in distance-based sports such as biking, jogging or running. You can select different workouts such as a treadmill, indoor cycling, elliptical to calculate calories burnt. The app also gives audio feedback at regular intervals.

5. Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer is one of the highest rated fitness apps in the Android Play Store, with an average rating of 4.2. The best aspect of Workout Trainer is that it gives each user a personalized workout program. It does this by asking the user a few questions related to their fitness goals and physique. Based on this information, it then creates a tailor-made workout program to achieve these goals.

The app guides you into achieving your goals through the use of a virtual personal trainer. Step by step audio, photo, and video instructions are used to encourage the user as well as making the whole process easier to understand and follow. The pro version of the app offers, even more, features including custom training programs by real trainers and HD exercise audio and video.

6. Gym Workout Log Book

Gym workout could do with a little refinement on the user interface, but other than this small nitpick it’s a handy little app for workout aficionados.

It’s built specifically for those who like to work out regularly at the gym. The app lets the users keep a log or track of their workout whether it’s on a weekly basis or on a daily basis.

Gym Workout has built-in tutorials for beginners. The app has several built-in logbook templates for weight training, bodybuilding, cardio, body measurements etc. The free version of the app does not have any ads, but the Pro offering unlocks more advanced features.

7. JEFIT Pro

Jefit Pro is one of the most comprehensive Android fitness apps out there. The app has a free version, however, the Pro version is where you’d get the most out it.

Jefit Pro boasts over 1300 exercises with detailed descriptions, animations and the ability to create personal workout routines.

Users can search from a vast library of workout exercises to create their own daily fitness routines. These routines vary from growing killer abs to losing that extra bit of fat. Jefit Pro also has decent social networking elements where users can connect with friends and share or view each others workout routines.

8. Zombies, Run!

We understand that working out isn’t exactly fun for a vast majority of people. There are very few people who actually look forward to it, but for most, it’s something they need to do rather than something they want to do.

This is where Zombies, Run comes in. It is a fun new workout app that aims to eliminate all the nitty-gritty workout analogies and technicalities that may make other apps mentioned in this list boring or cumbersome for some people.

So how about an app that compels you to run by making you think there’s a horde of flesh-eating zombies right on your tail?

9. Runtastic Running & Fitness

Runtastic is one of the veterans of the fitness apps market and their Running & Fitness app is a testament to this fact. The app has a beautiful looking interface that feels right at home on Android.

It also has a comprehensive feature set for anyone looking to get fit by walking, running or jogging. The app uses the GPS chip on your smartphone to map workouts in real-time. Users can create their own personal workout diaries, statistics, and graphs. The app also maps your daily running routine on Google Maps.

Other features include voice coaching, a network of over 40 million registered users, post activity features, detailed graphs and charts and much more.

10. Johnson & Johnson 7 Minute

7-minute workout is the latest ‘fad’ in the fitness world. I call it a fad because enthusiast gymnasts are quick to dismiss the whole idea of a 7-minute workout, however, there is a large crowd out there that still swears by it. If you happen to be part of this crowd, then check out the Johnson & Johnson app.

There are plenty of easy to follow 7-minute routines in this app that requires nothing more than your commonly seen household items like a chair, sofa or even a wall. It’s really simple to use and great for those who do not wish to purchase expensive gym equipment.


Are you a fitness freak? Or do you prefer a more casual approach to staying in shape? In either case, do you use your smartphone to keep track of your daily workout routine?

Which is your preferred choice for Android fitness apps? Let us know in the comments section below or share your thoughts with us.

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