The Benefits of Using and Being an Android User

Android is no more just an operating system, It is now a way of life due to its extreme popularity and availability in different type of platforms.

In the daily life people use phone, tabs or smart watch and you can find this system loaded in it.

The most important reason is that what the user get after using the system is, it seamless operational experience.

Furthermore, the Android operating system is totally user-friendly and highly customization which acts as a promoter for its extreme popularity around the world.

Android is an open and smooth source mobile operation system with huge use base and easy going mobile app development process.

Enterprises are leveraging Android and producing custom mobile apps that solves customer issues and growth value for their business.

Android operating system is free and an open platform built on Linux.

The Android Company is also an open source solution for mobile devices offering a complete software mass including operating system, middle ware and important mobile applications.

This is the reason why it is challenging Apple and other big Smartphone operating system.

The demand for Android app development grew through its tough offerings with many new android devices.

Make sure when go to the market that you have bought the best with no faults and if there is any such consequences you can easily approach cell phone fraud law attorney.

Benefits of Using and Being an Android User

1. It has Universal Chargers

Apple devices purchased after 2012 has the connector that works on every Apple devices.

But if you have any of the item from Apple, the connector will not work on it particularly on the new devices.

The new Apple Lightning connector won’t work on devices other than Apple without a Lightning to Micro USB adapter.

Meanwhile, Android already uses the identical and universal Micro USB connection for its chargers.

2. Multiple Phone Choices

Apple fans have a limited selection of phones available for upgrade, while Android users have multiple brands of phones to select from at different price levels.

Multiple choices with different type of features for everyone is much more agreeable option then to fall into selected one.

3. Changeable Storage and Battery

To increase memory capacity in an iPhone or iPad needs a costly upgrade, but several Android devices have expandable micro SD card slots as an option for the user to upgrade the space according to the level they wish.

Android batteries are also changeable, here they are allowing for replacement of just the battery and not the entire phone has to be fixed or changed.

4. Widgets

Widgets or likewise self-contained programs, not just add functionality but also flexibility to Android devices.

Android has far more to offer than Apple as it has several different brands of phones included, such as Battery Widget Reborn and Circle Launcher.

5. Improved Hardware

Android has phones those are counted in one of the world’s best phone.

This doesn’t just count camera or space accountability but Some Android flagship phones compete well against iPhone, with improved hardware.

6. Enhanced Charging Choices

Android’s fast charging is tempting enough without another added Android charging benefit: wireless.

7. Infrared

What could be the reason for your happiness that your Android has infrared? Think wireless cross-device interface, and more prominently, it can act in many ways like as a TV remote.

8. Several App Choices

There are multiple apps on the app store that you can download anywhere anytime from games to science, from dictionary to encyclopedia.

With the Android devices, you can even shop for apps other than from Play Store at places such as Amazon etc.

9. Custom Keyboards

When you are an Apple user, you know that the keyboard options are limited even if you don’t like it, while Android offers different choices such as Swift key.

10. More User-Friendly

Both the Apple App Store and Android’s Google Play provides over one million downloadable apps.

However, the App Store has limitations, such as a compulsory iTunes interface and a condition that downloaded movies be played on Apple devices.

11. Low Investment and High ROI

Android relatively has a low barrier to entry.

Android provides freely its Software Development Kit (SDK) to the developer community which reduces the development and licensing prices.

The development expenses can be divided into three stages:

  • Stage#1 — The Application development
  • Stage#2 – Testing It
  • Stage#3 — Hardware cost for organizing, testing and deploying the android mobile application.

12. Adoption

All the Android mobile applications are written in Java language with the help of a rich set of libraries.

So anyone person can create Android applications with the knowledge of Java.

According to a current survey, a lot of Java programmers find it easy to script code for mobile applications in the Android Operating System.

It is now very feasible for Java developers to modify the code script into a mobile application.

And can also implement android application development services in the application.

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