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Paintball Game – A Step by Step Guide for a First Time Paintballer

Paintball is an extreme team shooting sport in which opponents aim to eliminate each other by shooting them with capsules that contain paintballs.

These paintballs are made from gelatine shells and have water-soluble dye on the inside. Teams shoot from a device that is called a paintball gun or marker and played in an open area where different objects are placed to create bunkers for shelters.

Paintballing days are fun for friends and families who want a physical bonding activity. This step by step guide will help beginners to develop a fundamental understanding of this sport.

Paintball Equipment

1. Paintball Gun

The most essential equipment required for playing the sport is a paintball gun.

Since you are just starting playing it, choose a weapon that is relatively cheap and lighter in weight because you will have to practice and train a lot and having something that you can use casually will help to learn the basics without worrying too much.

2. Compressed Air Tank

To load paintball guns compressed air or carbon dioxide propulsion tanks are used. For a first time player, usually, Carbo dioxide tanks are used because they are cheaper and easy to fill.

There are different types of containers available that come in different shapes, weights and sizes so you can choose depending on your feasibility.

3. Paintball Hopper

This is the place where you load the paintballs, and they pass through the marker for shooting.

There are two different types of hopes available, and gravity-fed hoppers which depend on gravity and the electronic hoppers which are attached with a battery to push the paint into the marker.

4. Paintball Mask

The primary purpose of masks is to protect your face from any impacts due to paintballs.

They are readily available and can be customized depending on the ease of use, size, weight, properties, and colors. You should prefer masks over sunglasses or goggles because they are safer.

5. Paint

If you want to play paintball then paint is necessary. Most paint fields do not offer to sell paint so you may have to buy it yourself.

It is a good idea to buy paintballs in bulk because that is cheaper. Make sure you get quality paints because they are easy to shoot and more accurate.

A case of paintball has 2000 rounds while a bag contains 500 rounds but is available in smaller quantities as well.

Paintball Safety Rules

  • Before you play your first game or even before training, it is always recommended to learn about the basic safety rules. Most paintball fields provide you with an overview of the things you need to be careful or at least show a brief video.
  • It is crucial to go through all the material because although paintball is a safe sport it does include shooting at the other person.
  • Eye and face protection gear are the most essential and the first tip you will always hear is not to remove your mask at any point during the action because shooting may leave a bruise or welt on your face.
  • Protective gear is usually provided by the paintball facility or available for purchase, so make sure you have as much as it takes to make you safe. Some of the most common equipment includes padded gloves, full head mask, knee pads, elbow pads, customized pants and shirts, goggles, and helmets.

Paintball Gameplay and Rules

1. Purpose

Team members try to find and penetrate the flag station of the opponent or complete the objective assigned without being marked by a paintball.

2. Beginning

  • Teams are taken to their respective flag stations and given a map or directions of the opponent’s camp.
  • The players must stay within the perimeters defined by the announcer or the area mentioned on the map.
  • The station judge usually announces the time for each game and will let know the beginning and the ending of the action.

3. Marking out

  • A player is marked out when a paintball hits them and it breaks on their body or equipment to leave a mark.
  • If a player has anything as a shield and the shield is hit or marked, they will be considered out.
  • The splatter is considered a hit if the size of the mark is more than a quarter or more significant.
  • Any person trying to rub the paint off the body or wipe it out will be considered eliminated.
  • When a player is hit, they usually have to shout ‘I am out’ or ‘I am hit’ loudly and raise their arm to inform others, then leave their gun and exit as quickly as possible.
  • If a player is unsure if they are hit or cannot see the mark they can call for a paint-check. They have to shout it loudly and continue playing; a judge usually comes and check to decide.

4. Final Play

When a player or team completes the task or objective of the game or has more members alive after the allocated time, it will be declared as winners.

After the Game

  • Once the game has finished all players have to place the barrel cover or plug back on the gun. Then they put the guns down, move out of the field and take off their mask. The last step is to remove all the equipment they are wearing.
  • If you are planning to play more games, then there is typically a brief time to rest before you are allowed to start the next game.
  • Usually, you can play as long as you want; depending on the closing time of the location or the paintballs you have run out.

Overall, paintball is a fun and exciting activity that not only allows friends and family to have something different to do but also relax differently.

Remember, players under 18 need to have the permission of their parent or guardian who has to fill out a waiver.

Make sure you follow all the rules and regulations mentioned to make sure everyone can enjoy the sport safely because the carelessness of one person can result in something harmful for the other.

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