Customize Your Android Phones With Best Android Dialer Apps

It is the era of technology, everyone is using smartphones. Now the smartphones are not up to multi-media phones. Modifications of inbuilt apps are in the great trend. Everyone loves to use modified apps.

Play store is an open market for every individual, there are many app developers.

Almost in every single minute, a new app is uploaded to the play. Everyone tries to provide the best apps to users. So the work of Android developers has increased.

Imagine! If inbuilt apps Modify?

Yes! Inbuilt apps also modify these days.

The competition in the play store is to this extent that they tend to change the inbuilt apps or modify them. One of the main inbuilt apps is a dialer. It is used every single day by everyone.

Earlier there was only inbuilt dialer app on the phone. After the invention of WhatsApp, Skype, Viber etc the dialer apps had been invented.

Now the dialers are not up to calls only, it has various features like recording, tracking location, finding the unknown numbers etc.

The dialer was customized and various apps were developed to make the dialers’ user-friendly and interesting.

Now the dialers are multi-tasking. We can use them as calling, texting, recording, tracking, finding unknown contacts.

Besides this, they are used for setting reminders, setting call limits, sorting contacts etc. There are hundreds of dialers available in the play store that confuses you to install.

So, we tried to solve the problem by proving a few best android dialer apps with their features.

The best android dialer apps are underneath

1. Drupe

Rating: 4.6

Imagine! A Single Dialer With Both Texting And Calling!

If you are tired of that old dialer inbuilt app on your phone, then it’s time to switch to Drupe. This app has been cleverly designed for multi-dialers.

You can connect through hangout, messenger, WhatsApp etc with the drupe. You can simply contact by dragging their picture and dropping into the respective app for calling.

The best thing about drupe app is that it is not only for dialing, you can also send a message by simply dragging into the icon.

In addition to it, in case you want to ping someone, later on, you can also set the reminder same as dragging to pin button.

Check This Out!

Besides these, there are also various useful features like creating a calendar event and inviting friends to go or looking up the map you saved.

You can also block the spammers or unwanted contacts.

In addition to it, you can also change the background of the app. It is not only a dialer app, it has multi-functions. It will be available free of cost.

Availability Download it from the play store.

2. Truecaller

Rating: 4.5

Do You Also Hate Unwanted Callers?!!!

I used to get irritated by spam callers. I always think some way to block the unwanted spammers!!

I Guess!!! We Have All Been There!!!

Don’t Worry!!!

Truecaller has solved our problem. It is the best android dialer app to keep yourself safe from unnecessary calls. You can identify the unknown calls with truecaller.

It is the best app till now to search the unknown calls.

It has almost 100 million downloads which made its address book the vast.

Truecaller has generally accurate information. According to the disclaimer, truecaller app does not upload your phonebook to the public.

Prior to use, truecaller asks permission to the user to read its information and address book to its server. After this, it matches with its own database. By doing this activity, it makes its strong database of user’s phone numbers.

You can also control your search by upgrading the username. The only drawback is flashing ads in the free downloads.

Availability: Download it from the play store.

3. ZenUI Dialer & Contacts

Rating: 4.5

ZenUI Dialer is developed by Asus computers. It is free in the play store. This dialer is the money- saver dialer as you can fix the time of the call. You simply need to fix the time of the call in the settings.

Every time you reach beyond the limit, it will give a buzz to your outgoing calls to alert disconnect the call.

It is the single app for contacts and dialer that provides you the advanced contact management features. It is available for free of cost.

Availability: Download it from the play store.

4. True Phone Dialer

Rating: 4.5

True Phone Dialer is highly customizable and simple-to-access app. It gives full contact management support with a very convenient approach to rapidly access your recent calls and contacts.

It’s one of the best T9 dialer app accessible in the play store.

It comes with an idea to eliminate the unnecessary elements from dialer to make it one hand navigation and easy to access. It works faster than any other dialer with loads of unique feature like smart- calling group, multi-language support, clean and handy navigation etc. it is free for 7 days then ad appears.

Availability: Download it from the play store.

5. ExDialer & Contacts

Rating: 4.4

Let Me Guess! What Are You Thinking?

A handy dialer for calling?


ExDialer & contacts are the lightweight dialers and convenient to use. The main feature of the app is that it supports 30+ languages with direct call or texting by simply swiping left or right. It is very fast and smooth app with a smart T9 algorithm.

The original UI is flawless and clean but for users who love customization, it offers them wide choices. In addition, it additionally gives you a chance to put VoIP calls using Viber or Skype. The only drawback is 5 days free trial, after it, you have to purchase the pro version.

Availability: Download it from the play store.

6. RocketDial Dialer & Contacts

Rating: 4.4

Do You Also Bored Of Your In Built Android Dialer?

Be Honest!

Change It To Customised Android Dialer!

RocketDial dialer & contacts android dialer app resembles HTC’s Sense dialer. It is fast, elegant and spontaneous. It brags of a savvy web search tool with customizing dialer keypad sizes.

In addition, the app also allows you to select the accounts that you want to access or sync. It has gesture support which allows you to gather groups and furthermore has an inbuilt clever informing application. It is available free of cost.

Availability: Download it from the play store.

7. Contacts+

Rating: 4.1

Contacts+ is one of the popular dialer apps. It’s lightweight app with the latest design. It is powered with features like contacts backup, caller ID, and spam blocks.

In addition, it also provides features like birthday reminders, contacts sort, android wear support etc.

It combines photos with all social apps like Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

Believe Me!

It collaborates with photos of all social apps. Besides this, Single tap opens up a contact, a double tap will open an email and multiple taps with their digital features. The contacts will be seen with pictures, you can add the contacts in favorites to avoid a mess.

You can tap any of the icons on the left side to see the updates of your contacts. In fact, it will also merge the duplicate contacts to keep everything organized. It is of free of cost.


Yes, It’s true!! It has all the above features.

Availability: Download it from the play store.

Final Verdict

We advised you to consider the above-mentioned dialers and find the ideal one for your necessities.

Android has an immense number of applications and picking the correct one can be very lumbering. An altered dialer assists in enhancing the total experience of utilizing your smartphone while making it more elegant.

Don’t Think Much!

Download It Fast!

Make Your Phone New!

If you want to know our suggestions then we will suggest you download drupe or truecaller. As the both are multi-functioning and block spammers.

Ask your any queries, suggestions or have updated information regarding above article on Best Android Dialer Apps. Kindly tell us in the comment section or mail us.

In case you do not agree with the above details, leave your comment underneath. We will work further on it and improve it further.

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