Best Method To Overcome Alexa Green Ring

Have your Alexa started showing a green ring on its top? And are you thinking that Alexa is now out of the service? No, do not think like that your device is all good, nothing destroyed. Just calm down, in this article, we will inform you about why it does it, and how to make it stop.

There is nothing to be serious about. It is a very common issue faced by 50% of the Alexa users. Do you wanna know how to fix the Alexa Green ring issue? Just relax, we will guide you with the best and easy method to fix this issue.

Is It Possible To Resolve Green Ring Issues?

Have you decided to fix this green ring issue on your own? That’s very great. After fixing this issue on your own you will have a great satisfaction which you do not get from anyone else. There is different happiness and satisfaction of doing our own, right?

Are you thinking about how it is possible to resolve green ring issues on your own? Do not worry, just be relaxed… The article written below will help you a lot to overcome this green light issue quickly. You only have to properly follow the mentioned steps.

What Does Alexa Green Ring Indicate?

Don’t get confused with the green ring on Alexa? It’s basically, indicates an incoming call or a call that you are taking.

You can simply say Alexa “answer” to answer the call or you can say “ignore” to just reject or ignore the call or even if you want to hold the call for a while you can also say the word “hold” to Alexa, the Alexa will definitely follow your command.

But the point to be noted and kept in mind is that green lights are basically of two types. Yes, look carefully. The first one is a pulsing green and the second one is a spinning green light.

PULSING GREEN LIGHT– The pulsing green light shows an incoming call. It will act as a regular palpitation.
SPINNING GREEN LIGHT– If you would be on call with someone then you see a spinning green light on your device.

So, these are the two types of green light in your Alexa. So, there is a difference in both spinning and pulsing light.

It would be helpful for you to judge by seeing that the call is coming or still going on, right?. Sometimes the users may just forget to end the call. Right?

You did not want this feature of your Alexa to show Green light during calls? Don’t worry we have a solution for you.

Just have a look below…

Easy Steps To Fix Alexa Green Ring Issue

Now we are going to share some very easy and helpful steps with you. But before fixing this issue, let us clear you to not skip any of the steps. It will put you in a puzzle if you will not follow the guidelines accurately.

So, the better option is to comprehend the guidelines properly. So, are you ready to fix it? Great, so without wasting a second just have a look below!

NOTE- If you haven’t downloaded the Alexa app then kindly install it right now. This is the only way that is smart and quite easy to do too.

  • Just go to the Play Store or Apple Store,
  • And type Alexa app.
  • Tap on the Install option.
  • After that open, the Alexa app {after it gets downloaded},
  • Now, there you will see do not disturb mode,
  • Kindly turn on the do not disturb mode.

See, how easy it was to fix the green light issue with effective and simple steps. Hopefully, you must succeed in fixing this green light issue.

If Still Facing The Same Issue… Reboot Now

If you are still not able to fix this issue then kindly once check the internet connection you are using. It can be possible that slow and unstable internet is connected with your device while doing the proceeding steps and not allowing the proper fixation.

Kindly, just try to overcome this issue by rebooting your Alexa. Hey, before restarting kindly disconnect the internet connection… DO NOT FORGET TO DISCONNECT IT. All you have to do is to just remove the power cord for at least 5 to 7 seconds and after that again connect it and carefully listen to Alexa. Do not worry, the lights ringing on Alexa are the indication of the setup of the Alexa device.

The process will take hardly 3 to 4 minutes to complete the process. After that again connect the Alexa with the strong internet and yes kindly make sure to enter a suitable password. Most of the users made illusions by entering the wrong password. Hopefully, you will not be one of them.

After that, you will get totally free of this issue.


We hope this article will be helpful to you. Are you free from the Alexa green ring problem? Great, you have done brilliant work. This is exactly what we are waiting for.

You can anytime take help of our experts, they will definitely provide relaxation as soon as possible. Last but not least we would like to thank you for showing your kindness and love to us.

Your love and faith helps and motivates us to provide you more smart and the best solutions to you to deal with your problem. We promise to further provide the best solutions for you.

Our main motive is just to resolve your issue as soon as possible by providing smart and effective solutions. We are always there for you.

Just be calm and relaxed…

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