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The remote desktop access helps the enjoyer or the user to work on a system through one another. It plays an important role when mutual work is going on. It provides technical assistance and other help like the tutorials.

The desktop sharing is perfect in all situations; Even though when you are sitting next to your system but you need to access that, you can easily do that. You can use them for your personal use as well as for your business support.

The very popular program for this is the Teamviewer. The Teamviewer has characteristics of simplicity and has unique features.

I have a list of best Teamviewer alternative for you when you are finding remote desktop software access.

Walk with me a few steps to know more about the Teamviewer alternative.

Teamviewer alternative – Best Remote Desktop software


It is a wonderful tool. The tool allows the multiple allow the multiple users to connect with each other easily at the same time.

This tool offers unlimited audio, unlimited video, and anyone can join for the call from any device. It may be an internet calling or a phone call.

It also offers international conferencing, meeting line-up in 40 different nations. This Teamviewer alternative tool is easy to access. Both the free and the paid versions are available.

2. The Ammyy Admin

This tool is free..! I mean to say, this tool is cost-free plus this tool is user-friendly, it is a furious method to gain control over the remote desktop and desktop sharing. This tool comes in bitsy application beneath 1Mb.

This amazing Teamviewer alternative tool provides ease of live chats and file transfer. As I told you that this Teamviewer alternative is a free version tool. Other advanced versions are also available but they are paid.

3. Ultra VNC

This Teamviewer alternative tool is free of hurdles. This tool is a free tool. The technology of this tool stands on VNC technology.

This tool is easy to access, which makes you connect with multiple users in a few seconds.

This Teamviewer alternative is trustworthy. Why did I say so? It is because once you establish the connection, you can play with another remote system very easily.

4. Chrome Remote desktop

This tool is a free tool. This tool is the extension of the google chrome web browser. You can access this very easily on any system. This one is fully secured, so you can trust. This is the best Teamviewer alternative.

With the help of the web browser, it allows the users to access their desktop and any content.

5. The Splashtop

This Splashtop tool gains easy to use a tool. This has both free and paid versions. It is supported by iOS, Android, Linux, and Windows. This tool offers security and a faster connection.

You may use this tool simultaneously on 5 computers if you are using this for your personal use. There is a little waiting on video and audio streaming so that you can enjoy your media remotely.

6. LogMeIn Pro

This tool offers the best solution for Mac and windows for business as well as the individuals. This tool is the best Teamviewer alternative.

It is fluffed with key features like video and audio streaming, file transfer can share print documents with the other team-mate while you print them on your local printer.

This is how it works. Free versions and paid versions both are available.

7. Windows remote desktop connection

This is built into Microsoft windows in advance. Set up is very easy. It allows furious and full access to the remote system.

This tool is user-friendly, especially, for beginners. Its supported platforms are Mac OS X and the windows.

When you have installed this one, you need not install any other software to complete your work. This is the best Teamviewer alternative.

8. Mikogo

This is the best Teamviewer alternative. It has key features of; ease of use, unique features like the whiteboard, voice conferencing, and recording the sessions. Its aura is 12Mb.

It is a highly convenient and compact software. During a session, you can share your screenshot. The good news is that the co-worker with whom you are sharing your data, need not install the same.

This is how this Teamviewer alternative stood best.

Short notes…!

I have talked about different Teamviewer alternatives. All the versions are easy to install. All have different features. You can access them easily. Both the free as well as paid versions are available. Better to try for the free version first.

You can trust these Teamviewer alternatives. These provide you with secured connectivity. I have shared the links also. If you need some assistance from my side, I am ready to help you.

Kindly share with me if you have something to share about.

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