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What is Project Free TV? Is it Legal? Alternative? All You Need to Know!

What Is Project Free TV?

Is it safe or not? Is it legal?

Are you really looking for the answer to the questions or you want to know more about the project free tv?

Stay with us and you will get all the answers to your questions.

What is Project Free TV – All You Need to know

Project free tv (PFTV) is one of the leading and most popular online video streaming website which helps viewers to watch movies and TV shows online or to download your favorite shows to watch later.

PFTV is one of oldest video streaming website of its kind, but in today’s era, where a huge number of websites are available which offers similar services.

It doesn’t take responsibility for the copyright infringed content you may found on a third-party hosting website like YouTube, Vimeo, or other online video streaming websites.

There are a number of the petition are submitted by the copyrights holder to block the services of PFTV, and the PFTV website is blocked in the United Kingdom since November 2013.

How Free Project TV Works?

You have to visit the website and search for a TV program or a specific episode you wish to watch online, and then FPTV will take you to another website where the original video is hosted and it should have streamed in a web-based video player for free.

Type of Videos you can watch on Free Project TV:

  1. Latest and Old TV Shows
  2. Web Series
  3. Newly Release Movies

Is it legal? Or Should You fine for using Project Free TV?

Just relax and enjoy your favorite TV Show on Free Project TV. You couldn’t be fined for watching illegal movies or shows on, one of the most popular videos streaming platform.

It is illegal to upload copyright content without permission, but what FTV is doing is completely legal. In a shot that’s because PFTV is a video search engine, not a complete video hosting website.

Most important, it is legal to stream illegal content on your system, as long as you’re watching your show in private. But if you are showing them content in public or you are using it to make money it is against the law. Even under any circumstances downloading is illegal and a punishable offense in some countries around the world.

The free project TV only provides a link to stream videos, not for download. That means everything you’re doing on PFTV is completely legal and you don’t need to worry about the fines and punishments for watching videos online.

Top 10 Best Alternate of Project Free TV

  1. Tubi Tv
  2. Tv Player
  3. KissAsian
  4. Stream2watch
  5. YouTube
  6. Retrovision
  7. PopcornFlix
  8. Vumoo
  9. Tv Duck
  10. The Watch Series Tv

1. Tubi Tv

The best alternative to Project Free TV might not be a paid Netflix or an Amazon Prime subscription but a free American streaming service called Tubi TV. It has a collection of a large number of TV shows and movies that can keep you entertained.

However there is a catch. Since it is free there are drawbacks to be faced. The commercial ads can frustrate you before and during the show and there is no way to throw in your credit cards to eliminate them. You will find little in the way of new latest releases but still not less in providing compelling content.

You can access Tubi online or from native apps downloadable from play store and app store on android and ios respectively. It is also available on gaming consoles like the PlayStation and the XBOX.

You will need to log in unless you are watching some mature content or access some services like resuming the content left off unfinished before. Tubi has more than 50000 titles partnering with Lionsgate, MGM, and Starz. You will not feel bored.

2. Tv Player

The idea of watching TV on your smartphone is no more an alien concept today. Tv player comes in 2 versions- free and paid. In the free version you will be offered 75 channels including Bloomberg, CNN, and Spike. Shell out 6 EUR
and you get to watch 30 extra channels including Lifetime, MTV, History, and Eurosport.

But pouring out this amount of money is not worth as the Netflix basic subscription can offer you much more at this price. However, if you want to view the channels for free, you can surely try the TV player app.

3. KissAsian

If you enjoy watching Korean drama, KissAsian can be the best recommendation for you on this page. You can cosily enjoy not only Korean dramas but Asian content at large including Taiwan series and movies. The plus point is you will be offered with English subtitles.

The interface is super easy to use and will not create any kind of problems in your viewing. Almost all shows from countries like Japan, China and Korea can be enjoyed at your fingertips. There is a total of 2840 TV series pertaining to Asian drama. You will not be forced to turn off your ad blocker on KissAsian.

Though it has a humungous collection of shows and movies, some shows may be devoid of legal copyrights ripping the creators off the money they deserve. Overall if you are an Asian lover, this is the best alternative waiting for you.

4. Stream2watch

If your primary focus is on sports, this can be the best free alternative for you. It is an online website that streams live sports broadcasts like badminton, cycling, basketball along with uncommon games like handball, darts, etc.

There are two features mainly- Live sports and live TV. While the Live sports broadcasts the content as highlighted above, a similar name Live TV offers live sports streaming from anywhere in the world. Currently, you can watch around 400 streams for Live Tv channels.

The plus point is all of it comes with an absolutely zero cost ensuring top-notch quality.

5. YouTube

How can one forget YouTube as a video streaming service! Most of you may be already using this app but if you are searching for the best alternative to Project Free Tv, it is time to fall back on YouTube. However you may not find TV series or live broadcasts as expected. Nevertheless, if you were using PFTV for viewing videos , then YouTube will be your best bet.

6. Retrovision

Are you a retro lover? If you are a retro fanatic or a lover of classic movies, Retro-vision will be an apt substitution for Project Free Tv. Offering free online moves with many classics to choose from, Retro-vision comes with an easy to use interface allowing users to pick up the classics they want according to the genre.

Adventure, comedy, crime, drama, cartoons, horror, sci-fi, western and war sums up the genre. The movies and shows at Retro-vision are a hundred percent legal but the video quality is not up to the mark due to being a retro.

There is an app on android called Classic UHF but you may not find all the movies and shows when compared to the website version. Overall Retro-vision is a must for retro fanatics.

7. PopcornFlix

If Tubi Tv does not satisfy you, you can sit with a bucket of popcorn and start enjoying movies and shows with PopcornFlix. It promises to deliver a movie not more than two clicks away! Has it really fulfilled its vision?

Yes, it has by simplifying the interface and making it easy to use. Biggest of all pros is that it is free and does not require any subscription fee. However revenues are generated in ads and they can be cumbersome at times.

PopcornFlix is also a subsidiary of one of the largest distributors of motion pictures worldwide-Screen Media Ventures. Hence you need not worry about its legality. Just sit back and enjoy it!

8. Vumoo

If you are looking for a large variety of free video content on the internet, Vumoo can be an apt replacement of Project Free Tv. However, Vumoo is neither a host nor an up-loader as they source content from other websites.

Though being under the shady side of law, it is not considered as purely illegal. However it does not also mean there is a sunny side to it. Just like popcornflix you can enjoy video streams at high quality and get most of the content offered by Netflix or Amazon Prime with absolutely zero cost.

9. Tv Duck

If Vumoo fails to impress you, go for Tv Duck. It has almost the same features as Vumoo and can be enjoyed free of cost. But the reviews are mixed due to unwanted advertisement annoyances and wrong links. If the videos were
posted recently, you will have a high probability of viewing it in a great HD quality.

This is not the case for old videos which might have had copyright issues. Here at TV Duck you can find lots of categories that are enough to keep you entertained.

10. The Watch Series Tv

Home to thrilling serials and excellent movies, the Watch Series Tv has a very excellent user-friendly interface with filter tools embedded to filter out what you really need.

The plus point is the platform is not geographically restricted and can be accessed anywhere free of cost.

Another big plus point is that it is ads-free! What more do you want?

Go ahead and start watching your favorite show for free 🙂

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