How To Promote Your YouTube Channel For Free By Using Tactics

Imagine! You have posted a video on the YouTube but didn’t get any views. I guess, it happened to you and the same happened to me also. This question is asked by every video marketer. So, you need to set different your brand apart from others to save it from the shuffle.

We will discuss how to promote your YouTube channel for free. By opting these tactics, you will stand out from the crowd and your video marketing business will be on the top. Not talking much, let’s work on it right now.

Know How to promote your YouTube channel for free by these tactics

1. Playing With The Title

Your title or the headline is the first impression of your video, if your title is attractive and mind-blowing, then definitely, you gonna rock the video world. Keep two things in mind! Your title should be

  • Short and informative
  • Descriptive with keywords

If your title is too long but doesn’t contain keywords and even though it’s not descriptive, then the viewer is not going to show any interest in your video. If you want to increase the discoverability, then must insert the relevant keywords.

Same as like astonishing news story headline, a good title is the first step to hitting the mind of the audience. This is how you can promote your YouTube channel for free by playing with the title.

2. Create Crystal Youtube Thumbnail

Like your title, you need to work on thumbnail also. If you are pasting the irrelevant thumbnail, it’s not going to work. Follow these guidelines by YouTube itself about how to promote your YouTube channel for free with the help of a perfect thumbnail.

  • Paste a large and clear image, as this image is going to be used as a preview image.
  • It should be of high resolution( 1280×720) with the minimum of 640 pixels.
  • Upload the image in the format: JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG.
  • It should remain under the 2MB limit.
  • You must use a 16:9 aspect ratio because it’s mostly used in YouTube players and previews.

Follow these guidelines to promote youtube channel for free.

3. Optimizing The Channel

Create a transparent and pleasing profile with a complete description of your channel. But that description should be written in a fantastic manner. Be sure that your profile is on-brand and is coordinate with your other social channels in terms of:

  • Colors
  • Backgrounds
  • The Logos
  • Social media icons
  • Custom banners and layout

The kissmetrics describes that branding your channel helps in bringing a steady participation of the viewers and the subscribers on YouTube that they would see similarly reflected.

You have worked a lot to make your YouTube channel a brand. So, definitely, the YouTube is going to help you as your viewers grow to easily make out your specific voice. So, this how to promote your YouTube channel for free by optimizing the channel.

4. Video SEO

The video SEO is an important aspect to promote your YouTube channel for free. YouTube stands at the second largest position for search engine and the SEO is going to help you to reach most of the people.

The factors that Youtube considers while classifying video in your search results:

  • Title Tag Information
  • Audience reservation
  • Keywords in description tags
  • Length of the video
  • Tags
  • No. of subscribers after watching
  • Likes
  • Dislikes
  • Comments by viewers

Here are the tips for search engine watch:

  • Write the long and crystal clear description of your videos. That should be attractive. The more the YouTube know about your knows about your video the more it can rank it for your target keyword.
  • Revolve around the keywords.
  • Link the more people to your video from( Quora, Linkedin, etc).
  • Encourage the viewers for subscribing and linking.

5. Stay Present In The Community

By staying active in the community, you can promote your YouTube channel for free. Spare your time for YouTube, watch the videos of your interest, leave comments or give your feedback, paste links of your video.

All in all,

Stay active and awake. By promoting the YouTube channels of other users, you are creating a new path for your own. By doing this, you are establishing yourself as interested, engaged, and active member of a lively community.

This will, in turn, helps you to bring your YouTube channel to the mind of other individuals. In simple words. You can magnetize the viewers without using any magnetizing tool. So, this is how to promote your YouTube channel for free by staying awake.

Final Words

In this article, we have discussed; How to promote your YouTube channel for free. I have explained you the five different tactics to promote your YouTube channel.If you will follow these tactics, then definitely it’s going to help you reach the higher position.

Tell me if you need more assistance, ask me if you have still some unanswered questions in your mind. I would love to help you.

Stay active!

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