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How to Make a Winning Instagram Profile

It’s 2020, which means that it’s time to optimize your Instagram profile.

It wasn’t that long ago that Instagram was just a place where you could communicate with your friends and family, and share fun content. These days, it’s all about optimizing your Instagram profile that you can eventually align it with your brand, or become a paid influencer.

The bottom line is that there’s so much more to Instagram these days than you can imagine, which means you’ve got to have the right strategy on board to make it work. Let’s take a look at four tips for making a winning Instagram profile.

Make Sure Your Profile is Set to Business

Do you really want to stand out and get to know your audience better? Then you’ll need to make sure your profile is set to being a business account.

The analytics you can receive about your audience by having a business Instagram account is invaluable – so much so that you can hone in on your target audience, and make sure that your content is specified for that.

You can even pair business analytics with a bot that automates your engagement, giving you an even greater chance of having a winning profile.

Track Your Link

If you’ve got a website for your brand, then there’s a good chance that you keep track of how many people are visiting it every day, week, or month. This is a good way to keep on top of brand traffic and know whether it’s increasing or decreasing.

If you want a winning Instagram profile, make sure that you can track the link in your bio, especially if it goes to your website. This way, you know how many people are turning into paying customers by seeing your account on Instagram.

Have a Theme

If you’re using an Instagram growth service so that your target audience can be found and interacted with, then it’s all on you to have the best Instagram account they’ve ever seen. One thing that you need to decide on to make your profile cohesive and easily recognizable is a theme.

Whether it’s posting words every second picture or choosing a couple of colors to include in each post, having an Instagram theme goes a long way to making your profile aesthetically appealing.

People that visit your profile are much more likely to come back if they like the general layout of your content.

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

How tempting is it to want to see that follower count go up every day until you’ve reached your dream follower count? You might even feel a little deflated if you wake up and see that your follower count hasn’t changed.

However, if the followers that you do have are really into your profile and interacting with all of your content, you should be pleased.

It’s much better to have a smaller number of followers that are die-hard fans, than thousands of followers that just sit there doing nothing. Focus on using your profile to attract the right followers.

Final Thoughts

Creating a winning Instagram profile in 2020 is easier said than done. As you can see, there’s a lot that you can do to make it a real winner – but you’ve got to be focused and know what you’re doing.

The more you know about what you want your profile to ultimately look like, the better you’ll be able to sculpt the ultimate profile.

Make sure that you come up with a winning Instagram strategy that you can start applying to your profile, and by the end of this year, you’ll have a winner.

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