A Step by Step Guide on Mac Data Recovery Tool for Beginners

Today, data recovery market is on high and why not when a demand to recover every instance of lost data has been reached to new heights.

This has made many data recovery company and service providers to design, develop and deliver such quality data recovery products that promise to recover each and every deleted, lost or formatted files from a Mac OS hard drive.

A user facing a data loss on his Mac expects to install such a Mac recovery software that has a number of advanced features.

Among those features include quick external or internal device, hard drive and volume detection, fast scanning of volumes and HDD containing GBs of data, preview generation of lost files and lastly delivering the expected results.

If these parameters are not met then the data recovery software for Mac gets a thumb down from the users. This is an area of concern for the company who designed this tool.

Based upon these parameters, developers of a reputable data recovery software company have designed a Mac data recovery tool which is one of a kind in the market. it includes features like –

Appealing GUI – GUI plays a key role in the look and feels of the software and with the launch of new versions, GUI is often made more attractive to give the user a fresh feel and make feel comfortable. Below is the screen-shot of the Stellar Phoenix Mac File Recovery tool.


To make the tool concise the focus is laid upon 3 MUP buttons which are ‘Recover Data’, ‘Create Image’, and ‘Resume Recovery’.

Relatively 30% faster scan engine – Keeping the time factor in mind, scan engine of Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery tool is made up to 30% faster than its previous versions to make the scanning quick and more effective.

Covers up recovery from various Optical devices – Earlier optical recovery was done through another tool called CD DVD recovery for Mac. But as earlier stated, the user wants to have all features in one, this major part of the storage devices was included in the main software.

Whether an optical device (CD, DVD, BD) is improperly burnt or damaged, this features makes possible to recover valuable data from any optical devices. Among the supported file systems included in the optical recovery are the ISO 9660, Joliet, UDF, HFS, Rockridge and successfully recovers data from them.

Deleted File Recovery With Original names – Stellar Mac Data Recovery is world’s first ever software to recover the recently deleted files with their original names rather than system given pseudo names.

Adds New File Signature – Although the recovery tool covers almost all file types, but still if a file type is missing from the list of in-built file signatures, the ‘Add New File Signature’ option helps the user to add specific file types for recovery.

Preview of lost, deleted files – While scanning is under process, the tool generates on-the-fly preview of files. The preview section now covers up almost all files as compared to its predecessors.

Filter Options – This options helps the user to apply a filter that will select only the specified file from the huge stock of files.

Recovers files having more than 8 fragments – Recovering severely fragmented files from a Mac hard disk is a challenge for any Mac recovery tool, but Stellar Mac data recovery software does it perfectly.

File Recovery from an external device or media – The moment you plug in an external device no matter in between the recovery process, the software quickly detect and shows you in the interface.

Size doesn’t matter – Data lost from volumes having large size say up to 2TB, can easily be recovered through this recovery tool.

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