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How to Fix Kindle Won’t Connect to Wi-fi | A Guide to Fix the Issue

If you are a proud owner of Kindle Fire, probably you already know that it does not work without a Wi-Fi connection.

In fact, it prohibits the users from establishing of viable internet connection through other digital gadgets like mobile phone or laptop.

It is not possible to browse anything if your Wi-Fi connectivity is not FIXED. Hence, Amazon Kindle leaves the users with no possible choice except to resolve the Wi-Fi connectivity issue ASAP.

We have covered Kindle won’t connect to Wi-fi has been resolved in a step-by-step guide in this article.

Amazon Kindle Fireworks as a personal library for every book lover. However, there can be certain Wifi and connectivity issues which can end up ruining your experience with the gadget. Amazon Kindle Fire can help to download ebooks for developing your mental Horizon.

A Guide to fix Kindle Won’t connect to WiFi

Make sure that you are absolutely aware of the exact version of Kindle you own. Different versions have different methods to resolve the Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

Kindle won’t connect to Wi-Fi or home network can occur because of authentication failure. If you keep returning to the home network and face connectivity issues, here we are with simple tricks that can permanently bid adieu to Kindle Wi-Fi issues:

1. Restart your device

The first and foremost thing that you need to do with your Kindle Fire tablet is by holding the power button for around 6 seconds and releasing it subsequently.

After you switch it on, try to reconnect it to the Wi-Fi network once against to check whether the Kindle Wi-Fi issue error has been encountered.

2. Software Update

Software update resolves the Wi-Fi issues several times. Therefore, if none of the methods have been worthwhile for you, you can get the software updated from a nearby shop to manage the Kindle device better. You cannot get connected with Wi-Fi to update the Software, expert help is required to manage the issue.

3. Reset the router

Change the IP address of the router to static IP instead of DHCP. You can do the needful by simply turning off the router and removing all the DHCP records from the internet.

Resetting the router is one of the best steps that you can choose to resolve the Wi-Fi issue error in Kindle.

4. Factory Reset

Initiating factory reset shall help in relieving all the stored data, virus and cookies in your gadget. Visit the factory reset settings in your device and removes all the stored data once and for all.

After that, you can successfully Get Connected with the internet.

5. Check Network strength

Kindle is not just about blindly suspecting the gadget for Wi-Fi issues.

Sometimes, there can be a problem in your network itself. Certain kindles particularly work upon 3G Wi-Fi network. You need to check out the signal availability before proceeding with anything else.

6. Get in touch with Amazon Kindle support

If you keep on facing Wifi connectivity issues repeatedly, the best is to get in touch with reliable Amazon support provider and find out what it takes to get back to normalcy. Undoubtedly Wi-Fi issues in Amazon Kindle Fire tablet create a lot of trouble.

However, with the troubleshooting procedure, you can always overcome the problem.


Hope this Guide on how to fix Kindle Won’t Connect to Wifi!

If you still face the issue then you should get in touch with Kindle Customer services, they will you out to fix your issue.

Till then take care!

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