Becoming Cloud-first during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The current massive disruption caused by COVID-19 pandemic is beginning to intrigue data engineers and cloud experts of whether this data community be put into good use for business.

In its own the data community is doing a tremendous job in a quick time especially with the once most commonly used COVID-19. However, overcoming the COVID-19 debacle is altogether a tougher problem to resolve at this time with crucial decisions to be made abiding by the underlying data.

This will give a plenty of opportunity for the cloud application deployment company to build the cloud-first platform for any workplace that is deteriorating in condition and then better address the scale of Corona crisis effectually.

This might empower a business through a variety of open-source data sets and cloud solutions therein increasing the work productivity enormously. Therefore now is the best time to reassess your IT workspace and check for its quality to get ahead with the cloud first approach in the near future.

Technologies that helps business to become Cloud-first

Normally the modern office life in IT workplace requires the help of a strategic technology combined with the Cloud-first approach to reinvent work space ergonomics during Corona challenges. We have listed the five types of strategic cloud solutions for enabling your business to become Cloud-first.

1. Cloud-based Computer and Connected Devices

A majority of data scientists and respondents say cloud workers across start-ups and SME’s prefer using Chromebooks simply for the benefits of its Cloud Computing powers.

It also places an inevitable demand for companies dealing against Corona pandemic to have a workplace nurturing the collaboration and connected devices that would support establishing a remote workforce.

All the more interestingly these computer machines and connected devices that are made today are equipped with the Cloud-first ready attributes.

Moreover these devices stores all the data in the cloud and make it any time available for co-workers to read their emails, documents and projects directly from anywhere during COVID-19.

A few to mention cloud-first devices are smartphones, tablets, watches and fitness trackers which are found often in the Internet of Things environment.

The Cloud-first approach is making rapid strides within the office workers and soon will become a part of standardization among companies and enterprises globally.

2. Better Browsers

With this shift in work transformation persisting in business the cloud-based model also necessitates relevant web browsers which can function strategically and flawlessly.

Usually it is with web browsers that almost all the cloud based works are accomplished in spite of corona issues for any IT business successfully.

The first among the choice of browsers is Chrome and its responding frequency is over 67% for employees using it for business purpose.

With the outbreak of Novel Corona Virus it also plays a major role by reasoning a majority of business to use G-Suite applications instead of desktop apps for building a resilient cloud solutions.

3. Smart Meetings Technology

The growing no of employees preferring to work on remote basis is urging enterprises to make use of Smart Meetings a cloud solution to connect them interactively from Onsite and Offsite locations.

An example could be Google Hangouts Meet that can connect employees across a Video-enhanced meeting room and enable easy communication and collaboration during corona adversities.

On the resource levels these virtual meetings in enterprises requires only the camera and microphone elements to be shared for exchanging business ideas.

4. Artificial Intelligence

The access to Artificial Intelligence is no more a myth for businesses and their prominence can be really felt through Cloud-first key processes, products and services.

All these becomes feasible only when relating processes like Big Data and Machine Learning technology into the business workspace.

Definitely, AI will tackle the Corona Virus Infection and aid in the vast expansion of a business alike web apps and IoT Technologies.

5. Internet of the Workplace

The Cloud-first approach will bring new ways of performing the work methodically within business thus providing the flexibility of remote access for devices instantly.

It will change the enterprise workplace with an integrated enterprise architecture connecting all employees despite their physical location due to Corona Infections.

The high potential of enabling devices, browsers and IT systems to be Cloud-first for workplace would essentially mean a better preserve of security, availability and productivity.


First and foremost becoming a cloud-first workplace during this pandemic would provide crucial insights that relays the patterns behind operating a business successfully.

There will be more benefits produced from cloud computing services which might strengthen a business to deal effectively with the impact of COVID-19 outbreak.

Momentarily any business that levels to the cloud first status therein will also mutually gain the strength of sharing, analyzing and producing insights with the help of shared cloud solutions.

By using the right technology you can direct the best of strategies for business to cloud adopt that might realistically afford its employees to contain and minimize the COVID-19 pandemic.

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