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Easy and Effective Way to Reset Kindle Fire

Why are you searching the internet to find any Help Guide about How to Reset Kindle Fire?

Do you have plans to sell your Kindle or planning to gift it to some friend or family? Or are you attempting to fix any kindle not working issue or your kindle won’t connect to wifi?

Well, whatever your reason is; this post will address your all related queries. You can learn in detail how to reset kindle fire device.

Resetting your device will result in erasing all local data, personalized settings, and customization to display and themes. So play safe by backing up all your required data before you proceed to rest your kindle.

So let us first scrutinize about backing up data from kindle device before factory reset it.

How to Do Data Backup Before Doing Factory Reset Kindle Fire?

Once you factory reset your kindle device; the erased data from the device can’t be recovered. So planning to back up the data is a great plan.

Fortunately, the data saved on the cloud and in your amazon account will be accessible anytime; even after hard reset on kindle.

You can anytime download this stuff to your kindle devices such as apps, e-books, themes, Silk browser bookmarks, movie, or music. But the same is not the case with the local settings or the side-loaded apps. They will be gone forever.

Amazon’s Fire tablets have in-built functionality named “Daily Automatic Backups”. Enabling this option creates backups and daily basis on its own (when the device is in stand by mode.)

But mind it your device should be connected to the wi-fi network even in stand by mode; only then it can create the backup.

On any unfortunate day if you lose your device or it gets broken; your data is already backed up on the cloud. But not much people are either aware of this feature or ignore it for any reasons.

You can also make settings manually on your device to create a backup of all saved data. To back up various data formats, you need to set individual options. Do the following to manually setup data backup on kindle.

Setting 1: To Enable Backup & Restore Option

  • Go to Settings in your kindle Home Screen.
  • Choose ‘Device Options’ from the settings list.
  • Select by tapping on the ‘Backup & Restore’ option.
  • Move the slider button to turn on the option.

Setting 2: To Backup Personal Videos and Photos Saved on Device

  • Go to Settings in the main menu of your Kindle.
  • Click to select “Apps & Games” options from the settings list.
  • Now choose “Amazon Application Settings” > “Photos”.

A new uploading box will open up; navigate and select to the photo/s videos you wish to back up.

Got everything saved on the cloud? Kudos to you!! Now its high time to perform a factory reset on your kindle to get it back working as the original.

How to Reset a Kindle Fire to Factory Settings?

To hard reset, a kindle is not that monstrous action as it is presumed to be. If you have collected all data backup, then there is no harm in doing a factory reset.

You might have heard or read a lot of evil about taking this action on kindle. But on real grounds, there is nothing as such; that you should be afraid of.

Here is a list of actions that you need to perform; to reset Kindle fire:

  • On the Home screen; click the main “Menu”.
  • Choose the “Settings” option.
  • Tao tp select the “Device Options”
  • Tap to choose “Reset to Factory Defaults”
  • A final confirmation box will appear asking “to erase data”; give your consent.
  • Click on the ‘Reset’ button, again.

Your kindle device will now go in resetting mode. The device will reboot on its own when the hard reset process is done.

This process also includes the deregistering the device from the Amazon account. When next you will work on the device you need to register it with amazon account again.

You now have to take many jobs from scratch such as; connecting kindle to your wi-fi network, theme, and display settings, filling passwords and downloading your bought reading stuff, etc. etc.

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