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Why My Printer Not Printing Black? What Should I Do?

Want to print something urgently but your Printer is not in the mood to print anything? This type of issue is faced by many of us.

And what they do then is search-related solutions on Google but there are only a few who get a proper answer.

But don’t worry now, in this article we are going to cover related information that why Printer Not Printing Black?.

We are going to cover a number of different reasons and their solutions.

Read it carefully.

If the problem is too basic then:

  • Turn off your computer and printer. Remove all the cables and after sometime reconnect them. Check if it starts working properly or not.
  • To check the printer, try to print a test page(you’ll find this option on the display screen of the printer).
  • Check your ink cartridge properly and refill those ones which are about to empty or fully empty.
  • Make sure that ink cartridge is installed in their slot properly or not.
  • In case, you have installed a new cartridge, make sure that you have removed its tape over the vent.
  • Have you checked the vents of your cartridge? If not check them immediately if they are clogged or not. If yes then fix them gently.
  • Sometimes it happens that the type of cartridge you are using in the printer is not of good quality and that’s why they create these kinds of problems. Try to replace your black ink cartridge with another one and then check if the printer is working properly or not.
  • If your printer is working on replacing cartridge then congratulations your printer is fine but the problem is with your black cartridge. Replace it immediately.

After checking cartridge properly, even then if your printer not printing black then there may be the issue with your printhead. To resolve the problems related to your printhead follow the below steps.

Check your printheads carefully as they should not be clogged. Actually almost every printer has the feature to clean printhead automatically but you can also clean that manually too.

Other reason why Printer not Printing Black

If you have checked your cartridge and printhead properly and found working normally, even then your printer not printing black then it must be the problem with your printer driver. One other way to solve this issue is to tweak the paper setting.

Let’s know-how:

  • Go to the printer driver setting and select “glossy photo paper” as this may be the solution to take you out from this situation.
  • If that doesn’t work so then you have to reconfigure your printer.
  • If that problem starts after update of your PC then you have to reinstall your printer driver again.
  • Check if your printer starts printing black again or not.

If you have tried all the above methods and find that your printer is not printing black then my friend it’s time to buy a new one.

You can try the above methods one or two times but the thing is if you have the old version printer then your problem may not be resolved. If you have any other solution to fix this error, share with us in the comment section below or contact us, we will happy to share more information!

Till Than. Take Care!!

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