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ActiveCampaign vs Drip: Which Tool Should You Use

If you think of how many email autoresponders are there to help you in your online business then you can not count them.

There are this many platforms that are working on email autoresponders but if you talk about how much there are that are famous email autoresponders then you will find only two or three in the list.

As this article is based on email autoresponders as well. And we will talk about two of the most famous email autoresponders that are competing with each other on a daily basis. Those two email autoresponders platform names are Active Campaign and Drip.

As these two are the most famous platforms for working in the online business as well. But what is the difference between these two platforms? This is why we have this article arranged and we will tell you what is the difference between these two articles. So let us begin our article.

Main differences between Active Campaign and Drip

  • Active campaign have more CRM features than Drip has
  • The active campaign has the built-in A\B testing feature and Drip does not have one
  • The active campaign offers more data analytics support whereas Drip does not support such things
  • Active campaign was founded in 2003 as the Drip is recently founded in 2012
  • The active campaign is less expensive compare to Drip
  • Drip offers a free plan to start on its platform whereas Active Campaign only offers a month trial to examine all the things
  • Drip is best in its refund policy and is very generous too whereas Active Campaign is not so generous in the refund

What is Active Campaign

Active Campaign has been active from 2003. As this company is offering many goods to their customers and with the help of them you can easily grow your online business more and more.

As they have also increased much than they were before. They have increased their offices and increased their employment rate as well. The most important thing that Active campaign focuses on eCommerce campaigns or on those businesses which are depended on eCommerce.

So they are giving you the best automation features for your online business and if the business is based on eCommerce than it will be more beneficial to you.

Active Campaign is working on may things and are going way higher by doing work in the background and wants to achieve more higher ground then they are usually in. If you want to check Active Campaign packages price click on Active Campaign pricing.

What is Drip?

Drip campaign came into being in 2013. Although, the company is not so old but since they have arrived in the market they have made a lot of fortune and fame as they are recommended by the lead pages as well.

Leadpages were so fond of Drip campaign’s work that in 2016 they actually bought the company. Lead pages are the biggest and the famous landing pages generator in the market right now.

So now we will learn why lead pages buy this platform and what this platform does.

We know that Drip makes are used to send frequent emails to a user which means if a user goes to refer to an item or see-through an item. And if the item refers to Drip then a series of emails will be sent to that customer of the item that he or she pursued before.

This user gets attracted to the product and unfortunately buys the product.

After buying the product drip will send these following emails to satisfy the customer. Those emails will be an order confirmation, order dispatch notification, several emails requesting you to review the product you bought and many more other emails that will attract you to buy more products through this platform.


We hope that you have understood the difference between these two giant platforms that will increase your sales in online business.

They are working in same direction but have some different agendas and goals that make them different from each other. If you have any questions just ask we will answer them as we see fit.

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