Car Drivers Can Now Interact With Their Tyres through Phone

After high tech car engines, super tech tyres are ready to leave you to wonder struck

A few years back, no one even in his wildest thoughts could imagine a tyre that could actually talk to the driver.

But science and technology have produced many wonderful inventions and cyber tyres are one of them.

The term cyber tyre implies that these tyres can communicate with the driver.

They are programmed in such a way that their pressure, temperature, and width can be controlled manually according to the circumstances.

They can also adjust to the weather conditions. These tyres define the future of the automobile industry.


There are pre-installed sensors in the tyre which weigh not more than a few grams.

When car engine starts working and giving its best, your whole vehicle depends on wheels and tyres that time.

There can be one, two or three sensors, which are installed in safety, and performance oriented tyres respectively.

These sensors are fixed directly in the belt of the tyre from where it sends all the related data.

The sensor remains connected to a mobile phone app using which the car drivers can now interact with their tyres through a phone.

This sensor not only records the internal pressure but also monitors temperature, load, and location. This data is then sent to the driver through a smartphone app.

Perks of cyber tyre

This new amazing technology has a lot of potentials and can help the drivers in many ways.

The sensor can inform the driver about the upcoming weather conditions like rain or snow and can adjust itself according to the track type.

Moreover, the tyre can recognize when it is cold or when the roads are slippery and it lets the driver know through the app.

The driver, then using the vehicle’s stability control and ABS, switches to a winter setting.

Similarly, the tyre can adjust its circumference according to the load of the car.

This feature helps in providing a better and comfortable driving experience.

Another amazing feature is that the sensor shows you the exact braking distances to your display in real time depending on the road condition and your braking system.

Therefore, it can anticipate the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle running up front and keeps the tyres standby for any sort of movement.

One thing is specifically kept in mind during the production of this sensor is that it must provide just the right amount of information to the driver, neither more nor less.

If it provides less information than its purpose fades away and if it provides more information than needed then it can confuse the driver and overburden his mind, which can lead to loss of attention.


Since this tyre is the latest invention and is going through its trial phase, many multinational automobile companies are using it in test drives.

Currently, these tech tyres are used in trucks to assess their accuracy and performance, but their introduction to high-performance cars is also expected soon.

This could be a big step towards the future of the tyres and could dramatically improve the performance of the vehicles on all tracks.

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