How Tech Industry is Securing Business Continuity in Crisis of Coronavirus in Dubai?

While Coronavirus is the decisive force for technology companies in Dubai to go for the operational continuity in digital workplace still, we anticipate this crisis to be a problematic issue that may govern our work behaviour and engagement.

It urges the CIO’s to become a guide for all employees and provide the next steps towards utilizing IT business continuity with an expanded level of access and capabilities.

In specific, every employee have to understand this digital workplace resources and technologies during the business crisis of Coronavirus in Dubai in order to achieve productivity at work.

In spite of all the COVID-19 issues, Tech Industries in Dubai are securing a distributed continuity for business and thereafter prevents the unnecessary travel for organizations to build up to a large scale remote workplace environment.

It will also help organizations to achieve social distancing and ensure that its processes runs as usual and persistent to organizational plans effectively.

The Software Development Companies in Dubai therefore needs to prepare a plan and then build the business strategy to tackle the uncertainties present in an organization.

Therefore, we have identified and enlisted the COVID-19 crisis that might best impact on employees, business operations and Tech Industries beginning from the industrial grids to process units.

How Tech Industry is Securing Business

1. Business Continuity Planning

A robust and high logistical plan is amongst the need of the hour for Tech Companies in Dubai to practise business continuity especially during the corona pandemic crisis.

It should assist in the progression of an enterprise and more relevant towards individual’s workspaces. Few of the IT Enterprise categories are mentioned below.

  • Identify the best remote work access at home with all the physical assets included.
  • Build the reliable information backup processes with accurate procedures
  • Faster IT System restoration
  • Relentless customer service and communications
  • Employee training and development
  • Impact of Supply chain
  • Communication mode from anywhere

2. Consider Organizational routines

Initially the most important thing for any organization is to identify the different prioritized tasks and processes that are done on a routinely basis and respectively build the business continuity plan.

Ensure to postpone the non-essential tasks and reallocate the process oriented critical tasks to the personnel. Due to the outbreak there may be some problems hindering to your business and thus reducing efficiency while you adapt to the remote work environment.

Nevertheless, you should be able to definitely perform your organizational duties even during the coronavirus pandemic.

Normally the Tech Companies in Dubai sees the difficulty in prioritising the entire operations of a business for immediate evaluation. And on some other instances even the postponed tasks becomes crucial for achieving the remote workplace environment.

Beyond the technicalities every organizations in Dubai has to follow the WHO guidelines and practise social distancing through building a small group of 2-4 members comprising a team, working on shift basis.

It should result in creating a physical distance between the team members and forbid the cross-contamination of appliances more securely.

It is best recommended to reduce the work time for each shift and then induce employees to work non-stop taking lesser breaks while minimizing the physical contacts.

3. Develop a Business Toolkit

The IT industry in Dubai should empower its employees with a proficient IT Enterprise toolkit and enable them to achieve productivity during the crisis for business continuity.

Necessarily it does not talk about only the utilization of laptop’s rather the freedom to access a number of software and hardware within the organization.

This technology toolkit should directly stimulate the operations of a company and enhance employee’s knowledge with newer avenues to maintain communication and coordination.

Moreover, business can now share the quick work status and improvise their continuity on everyday task without having to send in emails to learn about the feedbacks.

4. Effective Leadership

Organizations have to practise effective leadership to stand up against this COVID-19 pandemic and run the business swiftly. Everything will depend on how the employees are accompanied in this operation and persuaded to acquire those leadership skills and qualities.

The norms for all begins from establishing a clear mode of communication within employees and then succeeds is the administration part which should not interfere any employee towards managing the whole business process.

In the end every leader’s prime goal would be is to keep the employees well informed in every other departments. A resolute communication plan has to be prepared in respect to accomplishing the long term and short term goals.

This should certainly ingrain a formidable level of business security and develop the work structure.

Essentially a great leadership approach in a company initially acts as an information source and later multiplies all its efforts. While leveraging to get the optimum workflow and streamline business processes it may require utilizing a multiple array of communication channels.

Often you gain the experience of business continuity to happen in a single voice without any misconceptions. In general, the leadership and business continuity during pandemic might become operational, feasible and reflects to the positivity and strength of working together with IT Teams.

Final Words

Typically all the IT Business and Organizations will have to monitor the COVID-19 crisis and keep them in check on frequent basis each and every day for gaining on productivity.

Each one of the distributed continuity procedures given here are ideal and targets to deliver the best solutions for a Tech Industry originated in Dubai and others globally.

Every IT Organizations should also volunteer deliberately and adhere to the government health advisory to build up the remote work place infrastructure.

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