Ways to Resolve the Issue of Kindle Not Recognized Windows 10

The reading of books and using apps in kindle has grown over the years. There are various readers out there who now relly on the kindle.

This is why kindle has known to be very functional as well as practical to the humankind. The users are using this device to purchase, browse, download e-books, and all the other reading materials like magazines that may interest the user’s imagination.

This device is aligned with the Microsoft updates which is why sometimes most users are going to face an issue like kindle not recognized Windows 10.

There might be other reasons as well where you might be facing this issue. Most users are going to resolve the issue by just following some steps.

On the other hand, the users who are not able to resolve the issues are going to look for help. What they can do is to get in touch with our experts who are always available to help you out.

Let us discuss the steps that can be used to resolve the issue of kindle Not recognized Windows 10.

Resolve the Issue of Kindle Not Recognized Windows 10

Restart your device:

The first thing that you need to make sure is to switch off your kindle by holding the power button for at least 5 to 10 seconds. Switch the device on and then try to connect it.

Most of the time it is going to solve the issue but if it does not, move to the next step.

Reset the Router:

When restarting your device is not going to solve your issues, then try to reset the router. It might be able to solve your issue. You need to change your IP if possible from DHCP to a static IP address.

This can be achieved by simply turning off the router and deleting all the DHCP records on your PC. This might help you solve the issue of kindle not recognized in windows 10.

Update your Kindle:

Well, the app that you are trying to install, it is not going to work with the older version of the operating system. Well, when you are installing the app that has been designed for the newer version of the OS is not going to work in the old version of the OS.

Make sure that when you are going to install the app, you are on the latest version of the OS and not the older one that may be the sole reason for the error. To avoid this issue, make this a habit of updating your kindle fire from time to time so that you can exclude this cause from the list of causes.

Trying different ports:

The first thing that you must try is to see whether there are any physical issues with your USB port. You need to make sure that there is no damage to the port. Also, you need to check the functionality of your port by connecting different devices to the same USB.

If the windows 10 is not recognizing the device automatically, the port is functional. If the device is not working, then it means that the port is faulty and you need to change it.

Use a different PC:

Well, there is also another method in which you can try to connect your kindle with a different PC. When you are doing this, it is going to allow you to identify whether the issue is with your PC, or your Kindle or your USB cable.

In Conclusion:

These are among the best solutions that are going to help you in resolving the kindle not recognized in windows 10 issue. This issue is not permanent and can be easily resolved If none of the solutions is working out, then you can get in touch with kindle official support.

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