6 Ways To Improve Your iPhone And iPad Battery Life – Know the Trick

I know that feeling when we are suddenly hit the low battery prompt on our devices. But we can optimize our batteries and make them last longer.

In the article, I will explain various proven steps which can really improve your iPhone and iPad battery life.

6 Easy Ways To Improve Your iPhone And iPad Battery

1. Lock Device

It is important to always lock the iPhone or iPad in the period of inactivity, this optimizes the battery life. Best practice would be to set the lock interval at 30secs.

2. Disable Wireless Connection

Wireless connections like WiFi and Bluetooth consume a lot of battery resources. If you have no immediate use for any of them, disabling the features would be absolutely fantastic.

Apple warns that the accuracy of location services and maps may be affect if WiFi is turned off, but if you are comfortable without any of the services, you won’t need to turn on Wi-Fi.

3. Reduce Screen Brightness

The iPhone has a great feature called “auto brightness functions”. If activated, your screen brightness adjusts automatically to the ambient light condition of your environment, thus no one loses.

The battery is optimized and the user gets a pretty nice working UI. However, it is also possible to manually set the brightness level to minimal.

4. Upgrade To The Latest iOS

Whether we like it not, all new versions of iOS always come with optimization in mind. The resource usage and how it affects the iPhone and iPad battery is also greatly considered.

In exception of battery optimization, new versions of iOS tend to be an overall better experience as compared to lower versions.

5. Stay Away From Heat

Stay away from heat and your iPhone battery stays away from danger.

It’s that simple.

Apple specifies that both the iPhone and iPad is designed to work in the environment where the temperature is between 0-35 degrees Celsius, anything higher than that figure will most likely have the negative effect on the battery and the device itself.

6. Perform Full Cycle Charge

This can be complete once every month. How can you perform this task? Simply charge your iPhone or iPad until the battery indicator confirms 100% charge, then use the phone until the battery runs out completely.

With all these steps in mind, one can easily optimize and these will help to improve your iPhone and iPad battery life.

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