Laptop or Desktop: Which Computer is More Effective for Businesses?

Computers are a vital part of the workplace. These days they are used for everything from bookkeeping, to research, and many other varying tasks.

The question for the average company is not whether to get a computer, but whether or not to get laptops or desktops.

They both come with their own sets of pros and cons, and it is up to you to decide what is right for your business. Here are some factors to consider, that will help you decide on whether or not a laptop or desktop computer is right for your business.

Let’s Begin the war between laptop or desktop?

Desktop: Pros and Cons

If your business is only in need of a few computers, then desktops may be ideal. Since they are so stationary by nature, they are typically connected online with a dedicated internet access.

A dedicated internet access means the computer is always plugged directly into the modem. This allows for a faster, more reliable connection. If your business relies heavily on the internet, then desktop computers may be the right purchase.

However, desktop computers are bigger and bulkier than laptops. Since they have so many wires and components, they are harder to transport. This isn’t a huge problem under normal circumstances, but in case of emergency, every second count.

Laptop: Pros and Cons

You would not have that problem with a laptop.

A laptop computer’s design is one of portability and efficiency. If your business has you traveling across town, or across countries, then a laptop would be a sound investment. In an office setting, they could serve many of the same general functions as a desktop, including being hooked up to dedicated internet access.

It is certainly able to do so, though nearly every modern laptop comes equipped with Wi-Fi capability.

One huge drawback to laptops is the battery life. If you travel with your laptop and doing work away from work, then you must be wary of your battery life.

They do come with chargers, but some places may not have an outlet readily available for use. It’s unlikely to get this bad if the user is paying attention but a dead battery will cause your computer to shut down, and any unsaved work will be lost.

While they may be convenient, they do certainly come with some drawbacks. They’re also more easily stolen or forgotten.

Conclusion – Laptop or Desktop

Every business is different from one another and has different needs when it comes to computers.

While your office may exclusively have a dedicated internet access, others out there prefer a wireless connection.

While both laptop or desktop computers come with their own pros and cons, it is essential to weigh them and assess what is appropriate for your business model.

Only then can you make the right choice. Share your thoughts on the laptop or desktop in the comment section below.

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