Is Solar Lighting Progressing In Developing Countries? The Real Truth

We all know that the people in developing countries aren’t able to enjoy the benefits of many of the amenities that we are able to enjoy our day to day lives.

They don’t have televisions, or refrigerators, or heating and air conditioning units in their homes.

Many of them don’t even have running water, indoor plumbing, or proper lighting for their homes.

The Problem with Current Lighting Options

At first thought, it may not seem like a big issue that many people are forced to live without proper lighting options for their homes.

But there are more difficulties surrounding this lack of lighting options than you might think.

You see, the current lighting options that many people in developing countries are forced to live. Not only with produce dim, inadequate light and are very expensive, but they are also very dangerous.

Kerosene lamps are the main source of internal lighting for many homes in developing countries.

These lamps, which come at very large costs to their owners, can be extremely dangerous.

The kerosene used in these lamps puts off noxious fumes that currently are the cause of more deaths in those countries than malaria. These kerosene lamps are also causing tuberculosis and extreme burns.

LED Solar Lighting Being Introduced in Developing Countries

So Solar Lighting is easy to see that the current lighting solution in these developing countries.

Isn’t actually a solution at all; in fact, it seems to be causing more harmful problems than it is addressing.

Luckily there are companies and nonprofit organizations that are working to help solve this problem for individuals and families living in these countries.

For example, a nonprofit organization called Empower Generation has begun to introduce solar LED lights into these countries.

As a less expensive and much, much safer alternative to the kerosene lamps that most of these households are depending on for their lighting.

These solar LED lights are not only much safer for their users, emitting no fumes and coming with no risk of burns or disease, but they are also much brighter than the kerosene lamps these families are currently using.

On top of that, because of the solar technology used in these LED lamps, they are a renewable and extremely inexpensive form of lighting for these homes.

Families Can Make an Income with New Lighting Options

The benefits of these new solar LED lights don’t end there. Yes, they are safer and much more economical for these struggling homes. And that in itself makes them a wonderful option.

But on top of that, Empower Generation has found a way to help individuals in these countries utilize these solar lights to help make an extra income for their families.

This nonprofit organization gives small loans to interested individuals.

These individuals use these loans to purchase some of these solar lights.

They then sell these lights to other families in their towns or villages, providing them with the safer and less expensive lighting for their home.

These entrepreneurs are able to help assist other families in their community while making an income for themselves.

Their first entrepreneur, for example, was able to sell 825 solar lights & phone chargers in her first year.

She was able to pay back her loan within that year.

Making an income for herself, and providing over 800 other homes in her community with a safer more economical way to light their homes.

Go Green!

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