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How To Troubleshoot Brother Printer Error E52

Brother Printer Error  E52 is one of the main troubles that is revolving around the head of all its users.

Brother Printer has been ruling the market for a long time and from a list of different brand printers, it is still dancing on the first.

The reason why we should choose Brother Printer over others because it provides high resolution of images and it comes with a variety of surprising features at a minimal cost.

Because of the issue of Brother Printer Error E52, there are possibilities that you are thinking that you have to waste your money. But that’s not the case.

In this article, we will introduce you to a number of different and well-researched methods.

Steps To Solve The Trouble Of Brother Printer Error E52

To solve the concern we have a number of methods which are listed below. Let’s discuss one by one and check which one is suitable to solve the trouble:

  1. To Fix The Laser Update
  2. Manual Resolutions
  3. To Update The Drivers

To fix Error Code E52 the laser update is mandatory.

Let’s know why.

1. To Fix Laser Update

This is very basic and the main reason behind the error. So check whether the cables are fixed properly inside the laser unit or not.

If you found them loose then try to fix them but carefully. Apart from that, try to clean all the cables and then fix them back to their position.

2. Manual Resolutions

It is one of the best and easy method to solve the trouble. The reason behind the issue could be some physical one or maybe the issue is regarding high voltage.

From the voltage settings, check if the voltage is too high. If yes then you suppose to change that.

3. To Update The Drivers

Are you sure that you have updated your printer’s driver? If you are going wrong here then check for the latest updates and download it to solve the issue of Brother Printer Error Code E52.

At the End

If you found that all the above methods are not up to the point and the issue is still the same then you have left one best option and that is customer services.

Just get in touch with the customer care to fix error code e52.

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