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How To Setup Canon Wireless Printer – An Easy Setup Guide

Canon wireless printers, one of the most reliable and intelligent choices in terms of gadgets. You will never face any problem while using them. As they give the best service in a minimal amount.

Moving forward, the most common issue people faced after the purchase of these printers is that they don’t know how to setup canon wireless printers. People spent hours on Google searching for the solution to this problem but get nothing.

You can relax now as you will get proper guidance on canon printer wireless setup with the help of this article. One other option to solve this issue is to call helpline service.

Lets first discuss how to connect canon printer to WiFi

If you are going to follow the given steps correctly then you will find it an easy task.

  1. Switch on your canon wireless printer and your computer system properly.
  2. Now, you have to search for a wireless LAN setup.
  3. Let it allow to search for the available network, it may take some time.
  4. It may happen that the searching process could go a little long. In that case, you have to click for the “standard setup”.
  5. Soon after you will find your WiFi name on the screen, just put your network security key and allow it to get connected properly.

There may be some chances that you aren’t able to print or getting Canon printer won’t connect to wifi error. Keep reading and you able to fix the issue at your own.

How to add wireless canon printer to PC?

This is one of the important parts of the Canon Printer wireless setup. As after connecting it to WiFi, it is mandatory to connect the printer to our computer also. If you will not do the same then you won’t get anything printed from your Canon wireless printer.

  1. For the same, you have to search for the device(printer) and allow it to add to the computer system.
  2. The system will notify after it gets connected.
  3. You are now connected with WiFi and to your system successfully. It means that you have completed the canon printer wireless setup. Try to print something out of it.

There may be the chances that after completed the above process correctly your printer will not work. But don’t worry about that too. We are here to take you out of that problem too.

Steps to make your wireless printer working properly

  1. After the Canon printer wireless setup, if your printer is saying no to print anything then you do not have to make a sad face. May be the problem is with its driver. And you need to update that.
  2. To update the driver of the printer what you have to do is to search for the latest update for the same model printer.
  3. Download the update and let it install in your system properly.
  4. In case you don’t want to waste your time doing the same then you have another option to download drivers for you without any difficulty and that is “Driver Easy”.
  5. “Driver Easy” works in a very interesting way. It automatically recognizes which driver your system needs and allow it to download for you.
  6. With the help of “Driver Easy”, you don’t have to waste your time installing the wrong driver.
  7. Download the latest update with the help of “DE” and let it installed properly.
  8. Congratulations! Your printer starts working.

After trying the above methods, if you find any related problem then maybe you did not get this article properly. But don’t get disappointed as we have another solution and that is to make a call on helpline number. They will tell you everything about the Canon printer wireless setup in a very easy method.

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