How to Reset Kindle Fire Password Without Losing Data

Kindle fire is very easy to reset and you can easily reset the password from the settings. The only thing that you ought to know is the current password and this is going to do the trick.

Today, in this article we are going to learn the way through you will be able to reset kindle fire password without losing data and that too without any hassle.

There may be sometimes when you cannot just remember the password because there is too much on your mind and you are constantly trying to remember it but you just cannot.

If you have also forgotten your security passcode, then there is a need to restore the device to the factory settings so that you can access your kindle fire and all the other feature with it.

But you do not want to do that as you are going to lose all your data. So what that you are able to the steps that you would have to follow in order to make sure that you do not lose your data while resetting the kindle fire.

Below we will be discussing some of the steps and what you need is to be attentive and read of all them carefully. You need to make sure that you are also applying them in the same manner.

Here is how you to reset the kindle fire without losing data:

Among the easiest ways to reset kindle fire is with the help of the Amazon account. And if you see that you do not have the Amazon account, then you can create one in order to reset the kindle fire without losing the data.

You need to make sure that you know how to make the amazon’s account. In case, you do not know then you can get in touch with the official kindle support and they are going to help you out. Let us now know how to reset the kindle fire.

After that, you need to reset the kindle. Either you can do that by factory default or you can try to put in the password in the kindle. When the device will show you that your password is wrong, then you need to enter the same password 3 times. You need to repeat this step until you are not seeing the option of resetting the kindle password.

After clicking on the option, you are going to see a window from where it will ask you your Amazon ID as well as the password. After that, you need to log in into the account and from that place, you will be able to reset the password and then can use the kindle device just like before.

What if you do not have the Amazon account?

There might be a scenario where you do not have the amazon account. So, what are you going to do in that case? Well, you do bot have to worry if you do not have an account on Amazon as you can do the factory reset and then repeat the steps that have been mentioned above.

You could see the option of the factory reset. You just need to click that option and your kindle will juicy be like the new one. After that, you need to log in again like before just like at the time you have purchased it.

In conclusion:

Now you must have gotten the answer to the what were you searching before and how to reset the kindle fire password without losing data. Follow the steps mentioned above in order to successfully reset your device without losing any of your apps or books.

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