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How to Optimize a Website for Better Conversion Rate?

Those who belong to the world of digital marketing must know the value of website optimization and how it impacts the website’s ranking. A website optimization stat reveals that an average website conversion rate is 2.35%, which varies with time to shuffle the digital marketing stats and make marketing more interesting.

Most companies perform website optimization along with marketing automation processing and witness a boost in the qualifying leads by 451%. There are a plethora of website optimization stats that proves its importance for each online business. Before we reveal why and how website optimization is fruitful, let’s find out the literal meaning of this popular marketing term.

What is the concept of website optimization?

The term website optimization defines a process commenced using a line of strategies, experiments, and SEO (search engine optimization) tactics. The major focus of website optimization is to bring more traffic to the website, improve revenue generation, and effectively enhance the conversion rate.

Here, the marketer evaluates the website from every aspect and corrects it according to the latest SEO guidelines. Generally, the process works on content, design, and keyword infusing sections. Many successful marketers pay keen attention to putting a ‘call to action’ at a thoughtful spot to bring better results to the table.

The major goal is to let each page of the website rank on SERP with its specific set of keywords. Later, these keywords are used for other marketing purposes, accelerating the website’s ranking higher on the search engine. Here, the major goal is to use the right set of marketing strategies and use optimized content to convert a lead into a customer or client.

Optimizing the website for your target audience can turn out to be a crucial task until you don’t understand the audience’s perspective and requirements. Therefore, the experts of this domain suggest building a relationship first and then commence the strategies. A holistic approach to website optimization consists of many factors, including:

  1. Analytics
  2. SEO
  3. Web development on the backend
  4. Content or copywriting
  5. Landing page optimization
  6. UX design optimization

Why is website optimization an important part of businesses?

The internet has turned out to be an integral part of website ranking and online marketing within the past decade. Nowadays, customers make their buying decisions based on the quality of the website and how they display their services or products.

Further, it may interest you to know that the Global eCommerce sales have touched $3.46 trillion within 2019 with accelerated retail revenue growth of 16.4% globally. The stats are improving with every passing year, all because of the digital marketing and website optimization factors.

How does website optimization work in real?

For a layman or a businessman, obtaining positive results from website optimization strategies seems to be magic. But it’s not as easy as it looks. There are multiple strategies and processes involved, which sometimes take months to bring the best to your table. The first-ever step towards getting your website optimized is to seek website and content support service from a reliable source. This can be the foundation of a strong website optimization process.

Essential factors of website optimization:

There are a lot of factors associated with the success and failure of website optimization. All you need is to understand them and use them wisely. Here are some of them with a brief illustration of how to use them for your website optimization for your better understanding.

Mobile experience

No matter what business type you run, make sure your website or landing page is properly optimized according to mobile user experience. Reports say that 52.3% of each business type’s target audience access the website or landing page on their smartphones. This raises the need to optimize it accordingly. Plus, more than 64% of the Google searches are done via mobile phones; therefore, maintaining a page according to a mobile screen is a must to keep your audience engaged with your business.

Work on the page load speed

A 5 seconds or more page load speed is enough to add to your website’s bounce rate. This can prove to be a trouble for your website ranking, whereas you may need to forget about the good conversion rate by then. More than 60% of the target audience leaves the website if it does not load within the first 5 seconds. So, work on improving the page load speed by keeping minimal designs with meaningful graphics to keep them intact. There are several tools available online to use and judge the right page load speed for your website.


You must work on your search engine optimization strategies to get the ball in your court. The power of the right SEO strategies is such that more than 70% of the successful digital marketers of all times prefer to rely on search engine optimization than any other marketing approach. Although it shows gradual results, it helps a website rank better. SEO includes many strategies, including – on-page and off-page optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, paid advertisements, and much more.

A/B testing

Once you have evaluated the website’s issue, then comes fixing it with the help of alternative solutions. And that’s what A/B testing is all about. For instance, let’s consider the website’s conversion rate is low, and the marketing team thinks the problem is with content. You may change the hero content and check it instantly, but now the problem seems to be with the other content section of the website. Before landing up in such perplexing circumstances, make sure to be available with solutions to all issues.

The last word

Website optimization is a thorough process encompassing several strategies and experiments to play around with. Besides keeping a hawk’s eye on the result orientation, it smartly works on website outreach, making an online business turn into a brand. This requires a marketer to prepare a set of strategies and enhance the conversion rate.

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