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How to choose the best earring fitting the shape of your face

Earrings can give you a unique style and can make anything you are wearing stand out.

Putting on a pair of earrings is much more than simply grabbing the first pair you stumble because you need to consider a few things to ensure you will look fantastic and elegant with the pair you selected.

Each person is unique, yet our faces have similar sizes and shapes. Depending on the shape of your face would be the best earring type that would make your face stand out and make you look more beautiful.

Don’t simply pick the first earrings from top designers you find and instead let me help you choose the best pair of earrings by explaining further which face shape goes best with what type of earrings.

Get to know the shape of your face:

Even though every person is unique there are a few shapes that differ from one to another. You can have an inverted triangular face, oval-shaped face, round face, heart-like face, long face or a square-shaped face.

Each face matches the best with a specific type of earrings. For example, a person with an inverted triangular face would need a pair of earrings that emphasizes her wide forehead.

You also need to consider your bone structure to determine which earrings suit you best. You could have a fine bone structure and a delicate-looking or thin pair of earrings will suit it best. Going back choosing earrings by the shape of the face you can always consider the following:

Squared shaped face:

People whose forehead and jawline happen to be of similar widths and squared jaws are considered to have a squared shaped face. You can utilize big or medium-sized circular earrings or hoop earrings of the same sizes. You need to ensure your earrings aren’t square-shaped, as you want to avoid highlighting that shape. Rounded hoops or circular earrings are the best ones you can choose, while studs, small earrings or anything square-shaped are better avoided as they will simply accentuate your squared shape even further.

Heart-shaped face:

Having a wider forehead, sharp chin and a narrow lower half of your face will most likely mean you have a heart-shaped face. The best thing to do is creating a balance on your face by using a pair of earrings that can accentuate your forehead to ensure your chin doesn’t bring too much attention. Try using teardrop or chandelier earrings which are great at making your forehead stand out more.

 Long-shaped face:

If you happen to have a long and narrow face then you surely have a long-shaped face. For the shape of your face, you can use a variety of earrings as long as they help your face look fuller. For example, you can try using large or medium-sized hoop earrings or also smaller studs or cluster earrings to make your face more balanced. Try to avoid using squared shaped studs or long earrings as these will only accentuate the long and narrow shape of your face even further.

 Inverted triangular face:

Having a pointy chin that widens as it goes upwards and having your forehead is the widest area of your face means you have an inverted triangular face. Although very similar to a heart-shaped face, a person with a triangular-shaped face has a sharper shape most likely due to his or her bone structure. This face shape needs a pair of earrings that can bring attention outside to your forehead like creating an illusion of width at your jawline. The recommended earrings for this shape of face would be teardrop earrings, chandelier earrings.

Oval shaped face:

Having an oval-shaped face is great because you can use pretty much any earring type you like. If you would like a recommendation then try using studs or triangular shaped earrings because you can focus on accentuating your cheekbones via selecting the right pair. Remember, if your shape is round and not exactly oval, then you have a round-shaped face and not an oval-shaped one.

Round shaped face:

Having no taper on your chin area and having a face with wide cheekbones, then it surely means your face is round-shaped. Always be sure it isn’t oval or egg-shaped as that would mean you have a different shaped face. A round face looks the best with dangle or drops earrings as these will help emphasize in making your face look slimmer and elegant. Try to avoid any hoop or circular earring as these will only accentuate the roundness of your face.


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