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A Step-by-Step Guide to Update Garmin Nuvi 255w for Free

There are navigation apps on smartphones that are used by the users while they are traveling to one place and to another.

This is the most common way of traveling from one place to another. But to rely on a phone is just like relying on nothing at all.

GPS devices such as Garmin Nuvi 255w are among the best that are used for the purpose of navigation. They are better as compared to mobile phones as they are not going to get switched off. But in order to use it properly, you need to update Garmin Nuvi regularly.

There are some steps that need to be followed in order to update Garmin Nuvi 255w update for free. But then there are going to be some people who may find it difficult to follow these points. What they can do is get in touch with customer care services.

There are going to be some users who might be looking to resolve the issue on their own. If that is the case, what they can do is follow the steps that are mentioned below for Nuvi 255w Update.

Steps to Update Garmin Nuvi 255w for Free

Install Garmin express

Whenever you are going to update your Garmin Nuvi or most of the Garmin device, that is going to happen with the Garmin Express software.

The first thing that you need to do is to unplug the device from the vehicle and then attach the device with your PC.

Make sure that the laptop or PC you are attaching your device with is having the Garmin express installed. If it is not installed, then you need to install it.

After Installation lets begin the next step.

Downlaod and Update Garmin Nuvi 255w for free Device

After successfully installation of Garmin Express, follow the below steps:

  • Turn on your system and GPS device and maker sure it is fully charged.
  • With the help of original USB cable connect the device with Laptop/Computer.
  • Launch the Garmin Express application
  • If you have already registered your device on Garmin website then it will start looking for the latest updates.
  • Noting happen after attachment then you have to manually register your device to Garmin Express
  • Wait for the process to complete, once process done you will get a list of updates available on your screen.
  • Now you can select the update you need to download. In this case, you have to choose Garmin Nuvi 255w Update.
  • Click on the download button and wait until the download is completed.
  • Now Install the download on your Garmin device.
  • Wait for the notification “Update Successfully installed” after that disconnect the device from Laptop/Computer.
  • You can use “Safety Remove Device” option to disconnect.

At the End

We hope this simple guide to update Garmin Nuvi 255w for free will help you to get the latest updates for your device. And enjoy your hasslefree travel with your family or friends.

If you get any difficulty while getting any updates then you can take help from the Internet or get in touch with the experts. There are a number of service providers available over a phone call.

Till then take care and enjoy a safe journey.

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