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Fixing HP Printer Paper Jam Issue Is Not Difficult At All!

Getting HP Printer Paper Jam Issue? Is your HP Printer won’t Print?

HP printer showing up a paper jam error time and again? No need to worry, we provide the best HP printer repair service, read this post, will address all such HP printer paper jam queries.

To resolve collateral errors, you first need to clear the paper jam and fix the HP Printer Paper Jam Issue. So without wasting any time, check out how can you do that.

How to clear HP Printer Paper Jam Issue?

Step 1: Remove Stuck Paper to Clear the paper jam

Paper jams can happen in various areas of the printer. To get rid of the paper jam situation, the first thing you have to do is to remove the stuck paper by all means. Do the following steps to resolve HP Printer Paper Jam Issue instantly:

  • Turn off the printer, while unplugging the power cord from the power outlet.
  • Open the rear access door by turning the access door-counter clockwise.
  • Pull out the jammed paper if it is accessible from this site.
  • Open the front door, remove the paper trays.
  • Pull out the stuck paper by applying little force from any open end.
  • Don’t pull the paper hard; aim to get all the paper in one piece.
  • Get a lint-free damp cloth and clean the pressure rollers placed on the rear access door. Leave it for 10-15 minutes to let dry the rollers.
  • Check and remove any scrambled or torn paper bits scattered inside the printer.
  • Close all the doors, also reinstall the rear door.
  • Remove papers from the paper tray and load new papers.
  • Insert the power cord and turn ON the printer.

Give a new printing command to see if your printer can print and if still HP Printer Won’t Print then dial HP Printer Customer Service Number.

Step2: Reconnect Your Printer with HP Printer Assistant

We recommend performing this step to be on the safe side. As many times it has been observed that even after clearing the paper jam users face many issues like:

  • HP Printer Won’t Print From Computer
  • HP Printer Offline
  • Printer Not Responding
  • HP printer wi-fi connectivity issues
  • HP printer not detecting its driver

And many more. Clearing the HP Printer Paper Jam Issue makes the printer get ready to be back on the job. But your computer couldn’t get a clean chit from the system files.

Removing and reconnecting your printer to the system will let your computer detect the settings from scratch. Feeling confused? Don’t be, just do the following:

  • Access the main settings in your computer and go to “Printer & Scanner.”
  • Remove currently installed HP printer from your system and exit the window.
  • Disconnect wired connections between Hp printer and your computer.
  • Restart your computer along with Hp printer.
  • Once your system and printer complete its reboot process attach the duo again.
  • Detecting an HP printer attached your system will display HP Printer Assistant Prompt on the screen.
  • Use this HP assistant to add your computer back to your system.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions by Hp Assistant, to complete the process.

If required, uninstall and reinstall the HP printer drivers again on your system. Need more details on this? Click here to learn step by step instructions on “how to uninstall/reinstall HP printer Driver?”

HP Printer Paper Jam Issue But No Paper Jam?

Seldom you continue to see the HP Printer Paper Jam issue even after clearing the paper jam. It usually happens; nothing weird. If you too are facing this situation, don’t panic, this section can rescue you from this irritating situation.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to resolve HP Printer Paper Jam error.

  • Although you have cleared the paper jam but inspect again for any paper leftovers inside the printer.
  • Open all front, back covers, remove paper tray and rollers to see thoroughly if there is any debris stuck anywhere. Any minute object can result in giving you a paper jam error on your screen.
  • Clean the paper feed roller with a damp cloth.
  • Clean the printer roller
  • At last, Reset your printer

Once your printer gets ready to work again; check for any printer jam error message on your screen. It won’t be showing up now. If unable to do that just reach HP official website and get solutions.

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