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How to See Different Types Of FPS Counter While Playing The Game?

I am a big gamer. I love to play online games like PUBG, BeastsOfPoker, Asphalt, etc, by sitting on my sofa. I can spend my whole week alone with gaming.

Are you a big gamer like me? If you are then you must be knowing about what is FPS?

Are you sure? Yes, you spell right!

It is the frames per second. Does it indicate how many frames or images are produced by the video card each second? The lower FPS counter indicates your game is going to be “freeze”, and the higher FPS counter indicates smooth gaming experience.

Want to know more about?

Now, I’m going to explain to you the different ways to see your FPS counter while you are playing your dearest game.

Check it out!

Different Types of Fps Counter


FRAPS is one of the most popular tools through which you can easily view your FPS counter. You can do this while playing games which use opengGL and DirectX graphics technology.

You can see FPS value very easily at it is displayed on the screen at the corner. You can select one of the overlay corners by clicking on the FPS tab. You can easily switch the overlay off and on by tapping the F12 key.

What makes Fraps so special?

It’s not all about, but the FRAPS can also do recording videos of your games set, benchmarking tests, and taking the screenshots.


Now, you don’t need to install any additional application to splash the FPS, It is because recently a feature is added to the STEAm which is known as the “In-game FPS counter”.

If you want to activate this, you just have to open your settings→ Click on to the In-game tab→ select the desired location of the FPS counter.

If you are unable to this, I mean if you are finding this tough, check out the box exactly under the counter location menu in order to make the STEAM high contrast colors when it is splashing the FPS.

3. NVIDIA GeForce Experience

You can use the NVIDIA GeForce EXPERIENCE if you own a modern NVIDIA graphic card with the shadowPlay support.

Now, the question arises, How to activate this? Well, Don’t worry, I will explain you step by step.

It is as simple as it sounds; Go to the “Preferences” tab, from the left menu, select the “ShadowPlay” on click on to the “FPS” counter.

Here we go!

So, you can use your NVIDIA to view the FPS but not only to keep your drivers up to date and tweak your games.

4. RadeonPro

This one is also very simple to enable. If just have to go to the “Settings Menu”, then click on to the “FPS” tab and select the hotkey and the desired position. This is done for making the overlay on and off.

The important thing that I want to bring in your notice is that; I have mentioned the tool NVIDIA users get to show the “FPS”. so, Radeon users have a good chance this time.

The RadeonPro is designed similar to the GeForce experience tool but only for the Radeon graphics cards.

5. Skyrim

It is the Skyrim page for the FPS counter software, correction of the color, adds antialiasing, depth of the field, sharpen, SRBAO 2.0 ambient occlusion, and real-time audio-video recording.

These options can be controlled easily from inside the game. This supports the adds and shows the ads inside its configuration menu when opened.

Let me tell you the fact that this is SKSE plugin, if you use the NSIS installer, you can use this mod without SKSE.

Now, do what? Press the F12 to locate the interface window, F11 to commence the video recording, F10 to capture.

So, this is all about. I hope you got it in the right manner.

We are not through yet, know about the “User Game Settings”

You need to take a look at the user game settings. The FPS counter can be seen in the graphics options menu and the video, but some games have this on the startup option tab or in the keyboard.

Some games want you to write the console commands to modify or to enable the configuration file.

A short scrolling on the google gonna helps you a lot.

Final Words…

Well! We have discussed different FPS counter. These were the few tools that I have discussed with you for displaying or capturing the shots every second of your game.

I hope these gonna help you.

Tell me if you any questions related to this. I will try to give answers to your questions. If you want to add anything to my knowledge, you are welcomed.

Take care..!

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