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Brother Printer Offline : How To Get It Back Online?

Is your brother printer is offline?

And you are looking for a solution to fix it now to get your printing job done.

Then you have landed at the right place. Read a detailed Guide on How to Fix Brother Printer Offline

Read till the end to get your printer back to work.

Let’s start with the reason behind this offline issue.

Reasons for Brother Printer Going Offline

  • WiFi issues: The connectivity issues may also be the reason for the brother printer going offline. It may be possible that the network might have some connectivity issues. The connection may be loose as well. So it may lead to the brother printer offline issues.
  • Power issues: A little deviation in power supply leads to brother printer offline issues.
  • Issues With Drivers: There might be some issues with the drivers.
  • Job overload: The printer problems may also arise due to job overload.
  • Communication Error: Computer cannot communicate with the Printer.
  • Ink Cartridge Error: The ink cartridge may also be the reason for the brother printer offline issue.

Brother Printer Offline – How to Turn it Online?

It is really frustrating if your brother printers go offline, you won’t be able to print anything.

Your work gets hampered. The brother printer offline issue may arise due to connectivity issues, power issues, and another issue too.

So it’s really important to diagnose why the brother printer keeps going offline again and again so that this issue can be resolved in order to avoid any further issues to the printer.

Printers are really sensitive devices that may react to even a small change in the network, power supply or any hardware issue.

Sometimes it may be possible to fix brother printer offline. By slightly rebooting the device. It may be possible that the issue may be fixed by simply doing it.

If it doesn’t fix even then a proper procedure has to be followed and also various steps have to be followed in order to fix the brother printer offline issue.

The severity of the issue has to be diagnosed so as to fix the brother printer offline issue.

Steps to be Followed to Fix Brother Printer Offline

The first step that has to be followed is: Click on the start menu>Control Panel>Printers and faxes.

A new window will appear that will show all the printers that have been connected to the system.

You will see a list of printers that have been attached to your device. Now select the printer that you want to bring online.

There will be another window that would display all the print commands that had been given previously to the device and would also display all the printing tasks that have been done on the device previously that simply means the previous history of the device.

Now click on Menu option>Printer Icon>User printer offline. Following these steps should bring your printer back from offline to online.

Although the brother printer offline issue may be fixed it may also be possible that the problem still persists even after following the above steps.

In this case, the severity of the issue has to be diagnosed so as to deal with Brother printer offline, how to fix it.

Brother Printer Offline How to Fix?

Following the above steps may not solve your problem, so here we have another way through which the problem may be fixed if the brother printer goes offline.

Here are listed below a few steps to fix Brother Printer Offline:

  • Firstly turn off the printer and disconnect the power supply to the printer.
  • Remove the USB that connects your printer to the system. Only remove the USB from the system but not from the printer.
  • Now again turn on your printer.
  • Now again insert back the USB in the port of your system. After doing this, if the brother printer offline issue has been fixed all the printing commands in the queue that you had given previously to the printer, it would start printing those pending documents. Thus the printer goes from offline to online.
  • If the problem still persists you want to fix the brother printer offline issue then here are a few more steps that could help you to resolve the brother printer offline issue.
  • On the bottom left corner of your computer, you will find a start button. Now select the “Restart” button so as to restart your system.

Once you restart your system you will be able to print the paper again thus stating that your brother printer offline problem has been solved.

Brother Printer Offline Windows 10

Although Windows 10 has really great features there may occur some technical glitches at any point in time.

One of them is Brother printer is offline windows 10.

So you may face various printing issues while printing a document.

Here are listed the common errors that you may face while printing

1. Cartridge Error:

The cartridge is really the most important part of the printer. The cartridge holds back the paper and colors to print your desired documents.

So the cartridge problem may be the reason for the printer not printing properly.

2. Drive Issue:

If the driver is corrupt it may print blurry images and texts. It is really very necessary to update your drivers timely so as to avoid any glitches further.

If you want any help upgrading the drivers you may visit the official website to download drivers.

3. Connectivity Issue:

Sometimes it may be possible that there is a loose connection between the printer and the PC which may lead to Windows 10 Printer Offline Error.

Check the USB portals properly. In case you are using a wireless printer check the WI-FI and the connectivity issues.

Brother Printer Offline Troubleshooting

Here are listed below a few troubleshooting steps in order to fix brother printer offline windows 10.

1. Update Printer Driver

For the smooth functioning of the printers, it is really important to update the drivers from time to time.
Inappropriate drivers may create a lot of trouble while printing the documents.
So keep your printer drivers updated to avoid brother printer offline windows 10 issue.

2. Check the Printing Status of the Device

The updated printer drivers may change a few settings of your device. So before updating the drivers, it’s really mandatory to check the status of the printer.

You need to follow the steps to do so:

  • Turn off your printer for a few seconds and then restart it again.
  • Click on the start button>devices and printers>See, what is printing>Set as default printer.
  • Lastly, untick the Pause Printing and use printer offline.
3. Restart the Printer Spooler Service:
  • Press the windows and R key simultaneously.
  • Now type” services.msc” in the Run window>press enter.
  • Press the P key to locate the Printer Spooler Item.
  • Now check whether it is running or not.
  • Now right-click on it>start option.
  • If it starts already right-click on it >Restart.
  • Finally, close the properties window and look for the error.

Thus the above steps may help you to fix the brother printer offline windows 10.

Brother Printer Offline Windows 7

Windows may recognize that your printer is offline because it may not be able to communicate with the printer.

So it may reflect as the error of brother printer offline windows 7.

Here are a few troubleshooting steps in order to fix the brother printer offline windows 7:

  • The first step is to click on the start button on the bottom left corner of the system. Now click on Devices and printers.
  • Right-click on the printer that is showing offline. Then click See what’s printing.
  • Click on the printer link that would be at the top of the window >click Use Printer Offline option.

The steps mentioned above may help you to solve the brother printer offline windows 7 issues.

If still, the problem persists, We can provide you with a few more troubleshooting steps

  1. Check that the printer is turned on. Check that the USB cable is inserted properly both into the system port and the printer port. If you have a wireless printer you may need to restart your printer, then try to re-establish your connection again.
  2. If you are using a wireless printer, try to reset the router and also try to change the name of the wireless network. Then try to update new wireless network settings. If your wireless printer doesn’t support the feature of the control panel you will have to modify the settings by connecting the computer to the system by the control panel.
  3. If your wired printer is still showing that it is offline, although it has been plugged in and connected to your computer, then it might be possible that there is a problem with the port to which the device has been connected.
  4. Return back again to the Devices and Printers menu. Now right click your printer. Then click on the Printer Properties.
  5. After clicking on the Printer Properties click on the Ports tab at the top of the window, choose the correct port from the drop-down list, click Apply and then press ok.

If still, you are not able to eradicate the brother printer offline windows 7 issue there are other troubleshooting steps available i.e try to stop and restart the spooler and try uninstalling and reinstalling your printer.

Fix Brother Printer Offline for MAC

Sometimes the brother printer may go offline, so here are mentioned below a few troubleshooting steps to deal with brother printer offline on mac.

1. Verify the Brother Printer is Power in and Shows No Errors

First of all, check the display panel of the printer. If the display is blank, shows nothing then the brother printer might be turned off. Check that the power cable has been connected properly to the printer. Press the power button and turn on the printer. If the LCD screen displays an error like a paper jam or Empty Ink/Toner, firstly identify the issue of the printer to further troubleshoot and fix the issue.

2. Check the Printer Tray for Paper Jam

Secondly, check the tray of the brother printer. There should be enough paper in theory and they should be aligned properly to avoid paper jams.

3. Ensure that the Brother Printer Should be Default Printer

Go to the Apple menu>System preferences>printers and scanners>Check if your Brother printer is set as default printer. Set it to default printer from the drop-down list at the right side.

4. Delete All Printer Jobs

Go to Apple menu>system preferences>printers and scanners. Select brother printer from the list on the left. Click on “Open print queue” button on the right and choose the print job and delete it. Keep clicking on the X sign on the right to delete the jobs.

5. Resume the Paused Brother Printer Back

Open system preferences>select the brother printer you are having a problem with>click on “-“ button at the bottom of the list to remove the printer. Now add the printer again by clicking on the “+” button. If you are not able to see the printer after that check the internet connection, try restarting the printer and the mac again to fix the brother printer offline fix mac issue.

6. Reset Printer System

Click on system preferences>printer and scanners. Right, click at the list of printers on the left side and select reset printing system. Clicking this would delete the printers that have been installed and all the drivers would be deleted. Try to reinstall the printer again. Click on the “+” button and select the printer. Wait till the printer drivers are downloaded and installed.

The above troubleshooting steps will solve the issue that is related to Printer offline fix mac issue. Despite following all the troubleshooting steps If the problem still persists and you need help, an expert who could guide you to fix the offline mac issue, we are here to help you.

Hope this Guide will help you to fix your problem.

If you find any other solution then feel free to share with us in the comment section below.

We will happy to add your method in the Guide you can contact us.

Till Than Take Care!

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